The National Traction Engine Trust

Report of the General Council Meeting 9th December 2012

The report is based on the draft minutes. Present were the Chairman and 18 Council members.

The Chairman welcomed the two newly elected Council members Nick Bosworth and Kevin Mills.

Matters Arising from the Minutes
• Sue Doncaster has resigned from the Council.
• Richard Semple has volunteered to operate the spares register.

Treasurer’s Report
• Actual surplus to the end of September 2012 was higher than expected.

• Attention was drawn to the FBHVC  skills survey
• Thanks were recorded to Anthony Thompson for his organisation of the AGM.
• It was agreed donations of £500 each should be sent to the Robey Trust and the Fairground Heritage Museum in appreciation of hosting visits by members during the AGM weekend.

• Membership working party to meet in January with report for March GC meeting.
• Bob Garnett expressed concern at the lack of social events. He is to submit his thoughts in writing to the March GC meeting.
• The Trust is not good at communicating its achievements.
• The possibility of forming a model engine owner’s group is to be investigated.

Succession Management
• A number of key members of the Executive and GC will not be standing for re-election in 2014.
• Younger members are required for key positions.

Road Run
• NTET will handle entry forms.
• Maximum of 200 engines.
• Entrants must be members of the Trust for a minimum of 18 months.
• Steam cars to be included.
• For safety reasons miniatures must be 4 inch scale or above.
• Entrants to supply their own coal.

Foden Records
• The cost of scanning records is less than expected.
• A mutual agreement with the owner is to be drawn up to ensure safe storage, access, etc.

SAC Report
• Success of Parent and Apprentice Driving Days.
• Plans for Build a Burrell project in place for 2013.

EO Report
• Conference to be held on 20th January 2013 at Kilsby.

TSU Report
• James Blenkinsop has resigned as Insurance Officer.
• Ian Cooper is taking over the role of NTET Insurance Disc Administrator.
• There was discussion about the insurance services provided by various companies. It was agreed the choice of insurance provider should be left to individual members.

Commercial Report
• Success of online sales.
• Improved marquee for 2013 GDSF. An increased budget was agreed.

RO Report
• Safety seminars can be provided on request.

• Advertising rates in Steaming need revising to make them cost effective.
• There is an increased number of contributors to Steaming.
• The slide collection has been taken over by David Collidge for use on the website.
• A ‘Member’s Engine’ section is planned for the website similar to the SBA.
• The Photographic Competition for 2013 is to go ahead.


20 Dec 2012