The National Traction Engine Trust

60th Anniversary  Road Run Saturday 27th September 2014

The Bedford Club are currently in negotiation with the local authorities as to where the routes actually are allowed to follow. It is not possible to give an exact route plan for the choice of runs until the latter part of this year. As I am sure you are aware it takes a lot of time to negotiate these matters with local authorities.

There will be a choice of routes for the different types of participants depending on their speed and distance ability.

Miniatures taking part will have their own route and lunch stop on safe roads and will be away from  the main routes where the full size engines will be going.

The full size engines and waggons will be able to choose a routes that will be approximately 10 – 15 miles, 25 – 30 miles and 40 – 50 miles.

As with the 50th Anniversary Run, we are looking to attempt to have a lunchtime stop that will allow us to have as many participants together as possible.

The Bedford Club have already organised the water, coal, catering, entertainment and venue so are looking forward to making it a weekend to remember.

We do apologise again for the date change but please be assured this was caused by changes to the airshow calendar..

All entry forms will be available in the NTET marquee at GDSF and online from this website from 31st August, 2013.

Please note that all information about the 60th Anniversary Road Run will either be in 'Steaming' or displayed on this website.

16 Aug 2013