The National Traction Engine Trust

The Steam Apprentice Club launched their Burrell Project at the Great Dorset Steam Fair. Colin Tyson, editor of Old Glory gave the signal for work to begin by firing a party popper!! The 4 inch scale Burrell model has been supplied by Steam Traction World, one of the main sponsors of the project. The model comes in 24 kits which will combine to make an excellent engine which can be used by SAC members.

The launch can be seen on Youtube at

Over three days steam apprentices worked to produce a completed front end consisting of a completed front axle assembly, perch bracket, smoke box, chimney base and chimney. Work was well advanced on the hornplates and a lot of preparatory work had been completed on the rear wheels.

Colin Tyson with some of the younger apprentices and in the background our President, Andrew Semple.

Could this be the first component to be ready for assembly?

Tim Watson brought along his 4 inch scale Burrell which helped some of the apprentices work out where the various components fitted.

A cordless drill had to be used before dummy rivets could be fitted to the smokebox. A reamer would have been useful!

Small hands were very useful in fitting the dummy rivets to the chimney.

Cleaning spokes for the rear wheels was an important job but rather tedious.

The front end is now ready for painting before final assembly.

Working on the hornplate assembly.

The SAC Chairman gives a lesson in filing!!

The plan is for the model to be completed in time for the 2014 Road Run. The apprentices are to be congratulated on what they have achieved in a very short space of time. At the present rate of progress the project will be finished well ahead of schedule!!

04 Sep 2012