The National Traction Engine Trust

When the National Traction Engine Trust launched it's Facebook page a couple of years ago a few people, understandably raised their eyebrows. Without casting aside those concerns, it is fair to say that this element of the public facing side of the Trusts activities has grown into a huge success story.

We recently hit 3000 Likes, which is as we are sure some will relish to point out - more than our membership! This however is not the point as the social media side of things is the main way in which the Trust can communicate with both members and non mebers alike. We can freely talk about things in the open and everyone can have an input, including the Trust.

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the Facebook page, be it from providing content to liking the hundreds of images we post. Commenting and answering the almost continuous line of questions that get posted.

If you haven't already visited our page, please do so. If your a regular visitor but not a trust member, maybe consider a membership and help us move the Trust in the forward direction it is now travelling in.

Moving forward, we also have accounts on Twitter, Instagram and You Tube - all of which need a bit of work to bring them up to the standard found on Facebook: but we are getting there.


25 Jun 2015