The National Traction Engine Trust

For a while now, The National Traction Engine Trust has been utilising hashtags, with a great deal of success. In fact it now seems to be the done thing to add a hashtag to virtually every steam related activity on social media and although it may get annoying to some, the wealth of content now just a click away is fantastic.

With this in mind we are starting to use #springintosteam, in association with our activities alongside the Steam Apprentice Club. The idea is simple and based around the principle that come Springtime many an engine gets put back together after a winter break. It would make an ideal opportunity for many Steam Apprentices to get hands on experience of these activities, and an important part of the education programme for the next generation.

So we are asking engine owners and crew to consider involving a Apprentice or two in these activities. You can register your interest via your own post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the #springintosteam hashtag, or contact us direct and we will do what we can to sort out some help. Likewise members of the Steam Apprentice Club can use it, to offer their time and indicate their willingness to learn from others.

We hope this will new initiative will be of interest to those far and wide, be they members of the NTET or not.



16 Dec 2016