The National Traction Engine Trust

Whilst it may have been a surprise to many people, the National Traction Engine Trusts decision to step in and support the Great Dorset Steam Fairs own broadcasting station, Steam Fair FM has proven to be a great success.

For many years the Trust has stood accused of not being open enough and not as forward facing as it should be. Now with our activities at Dorset this year, it is an accusation that can now be withdrawn. It may well seem like a case of preaching to the converted when it comes to many exhibitors but when you pull in the many thousands that will have heard talk of our organisation you can indeed look upon it as a great success.

No, we didn't recoup the outlay in signups - but lets be honest we were never going too. It was as our commercial team stated in the initial discussions a public relations exercise and a way of getting the National Traction Engine Trusts name 'out there' and involved with the scene on a larger scale.

Initial reports have been good all round of the coverage, with around four mentions per hour for the duration of the show and build up days. Various competitions were  run in our name, as were many interviews with both Trust officials and exhibitors who saw fir to also name drop us. The adverts went down well with most, and although on the longish side - they did convey what the Trust is all about and encouraged people to visit the Marquee on the showground.

Are the NTET going to be a sponsor again? Well this is to be decided, but we will try and build on what we has got in place at this years event and we'll keep you all posted on what happens next.

As an aside we are on the look out to get closer affiliated with other events all over the UK in 2016, so if you have any ideas on how the Trust can help you and get our own name about to a wider audience, then we look forward to hearing from you.


05 Sep 2015