The National Traction Engine Trust

‘Steam It Sunday’ returns on October 7th for the third successive year and with it the chance for owners and crew to get their respective engines out and about into local communities, small gatherings and museum courtyards.

 We all love a good road run, a decent rally or country show but all too often this means someone somewhere has to put in a great deal of work and usually expense to make things happen. Not so with Steam It Sunday, as it’s a free for all National event that is designed to showcase our hobby to all that stumble across us be they expert enthusiasts or complete strangers.

In all honesty it matters not if you steam thy weekend before, or the weekend after – or even on a Saturday, the whole idea is to create a celebration of steam for all to enjoy.

The day may well be being initiated by the National Traction Engine Trust, but it’s not about us, or any other organisation – it’s simply a day for all to come together and enjoy steam on the road.

If you are out and about on the day and use social media, don’t forget the hashtag #steamitsunday

05 Sep 2018