The National Traction Engine Trust

The inaugural ‘Steam It Sunday’ is being held on October 2nd 2016 and is a national event firmly based on the concept of the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs hugely successful ‘Drive It Day’.

The National Traction Engine Trust decided it needed an event where we all try and promote Steam on the road in it’s various forms, through a series of improvised and essentially free events organised at grass roots and local level, as it was done in the early days of the road going steam movement.

Thus far we have heard of many gatherings up and down the UK, from Aberdeen to Hampshire and we are delighted with the response to the idea. Be it at local club level, regional society or just one man lighting his engine and going for a trundle the first weekend in October will be alive the sight, sound and smell of engines doing what they do best – being enjoyed.

Whilst in an ideal world we would try and list every individual event being staged, such is the interest it would be a very time consuming and almost impossible task. With this in mind we encourage any enthusiast who wants to know more about local activities to contact their own local or regional preservation group or steam and vintage club, to see what may be happening in your region. You may also consider finding out about their own membership details while doing so.

The Trust will be promoting as many activities on the day as possible via our own ‘Steam It Sunday’ Facebook page and of course our now long established main social media portal on Facebook, ‘The National Traction Engine Trust Page’. To assist in spreading the various word on happenings as it takes place we ask anyone posting information to use the hashtag ; #steamitsunday. This will enable us to post updates throughout the day and with luck make it the success it is on paper looking to become. 

If anyone would like a memento of ‘Steam It Sunday’ we have engine plaques (which look equally as good on tractors, 4x4’s etc) available from our online store.

Finally, we would like to thank everyone who has pledged their support of this the very first ‘Steam It Sunday’. As you would expect we hope it will take off and become a free for all annual event for everyone to enjoy and to highlight the fact that we are still able to drive steam driven vehicles of various design on our highways and byways.


08 Sep 2016