The National Traction Engine Trust

The NTET advises that should any overseas engine owner wish to operate their own engine in the UK, they should ensure well in advance of their visit that the boiler certification is valid for use in the UK.  This can be achieved by obtaining a written declaration from their own inspecting body to the effect that the inspection complies with the current regulations in the UK.  At present this means complying with the Pressure Safety Systems Regulations 2000 which requires that a Written Scheme of Examination is drawn up by a competent person or body.

 If there is any uncertainty as to whether the home based inspection meets the requirements of PSSR 2000 the boiler will need to be re-inspected in the UK to the current regulations, before use.  For the avoidance of doubt, an NTET Insurance disc will only be issued to engines whose boilers meet the current UK regulations.



22 Dec 2010