The National Traction Engine Trust

Steering On The Road Pilot Scheme. 

As a new venture the Steam Apprentice Club are looking at doing 3 pilot 'Steering Days' on the road for apprentices who like to experience something different to just riding around a yard or field.

These will take place in the Midlands, near Burton upon Trent, South England in East Sussex and we are currently looking at somewhere further North.

To be able to participate you should have recorded in your log book that you have done steering and be tall enough to look over an around an engine a full 360
degrees to be able to see where you are going.

You must bring your own food and drink as well as making arrangements with drivers and parents as to where and when to be picked up. This will cost £15.

To express an interest contact Kevin Munn at

These events will only go ahead if enough interest is expressed. Deadline for applying is 31st March 2017

You can join the Steam Apprentice Club here


01 Mar 2017