The National Traction Engine Trust

18 members attended.

The Chairman expressed sadness at thedeath of John Cook. Members stood in silence as an act of remembrance.

Affiliated Clubs

There has been a drop in the number of affiliated clubs. Much has changed since affiliation was started. After much discussion the subject is to be considered by the Review Group with a need to focus on:

  • The purpose and rules of affiliation
  • Area representation
  • An area on the website for affiliated clubs.

Treasurer’s Report

The accounts are now with the auditor


A letter has been received asking why the Trust became involved with the disagreements within the steam car fraternity and the subsequent advice given to rally organisers. A reply is to be sent clarifying the matter and explaining the misapprehension.

AGM Arrangements

Three members of the GC are not standing for election and there have been 11 nominations. Michael Davies who is not standing for re-election thanked everyone who had helped him over his many years of service.

Arrangements for the election or appointment of officers was clarified.

Great Dorset Steam Fair

A misunderstanding over boiler inspection reports for visiting overseas engines had been resolved. A full explanation appears in Steaming.

Vice Chairman

David Smith was proposed and supported with a unanimous vote as Vice Chairman.

Review Group

Returned questionnaires are currently being analysed. Chairman of the group, Richard Hurley will give a presentation at the AGM.

Road Run

A site in the Derbyshire Peak District has been offered free of charge.


Driving days have been successful with similar events planned for the south west and Yorkshire. The future direction of the SAC was discussed as additional activities have not led to an increase in membership.

Engine Owners

An analysis of the Driving Course was discussed. A possible extension in the form of low loader training and the inclusion of engine driving on the road for two days is being investigated.

Chris Boocock has relinquished his position as facilitator of the Independent Boiler Inspectors Association because of ill health. The Trust wishes to continue to provide help and support to the fledgling group.

Transcripts of the Chichester court case have been requested but the permission of the judge to release the papers is still awaited. It is of concern HSE has shown no interest in the standards of boiler inspection.

The EO Conference will be held on 23rd January 2011.

Technical Services

After discussion on the role of HSE it was agreed advice be sort from as to where their responsibilities ended and those of the Trust begin.

It has not been possible to resolve problems associated with the use of fire hydrants and obtain a single licence for water extraction. If in emergency a hydrant is required then the correct equipment should always be used.

Problems associated with applications for age related licence plates have been received. The engine has to be at least 5% original; otherwise it is classified as a ‘new build’.

Rally Organisers

A report on the forthcoming conference for over 70 people was discussed.

A request for Trust involvement in the Silverstone Classic Racing Festival had been received.

More people are to be recruited for authorised rally inspections.


There has been a 10% increase in sales.

03 Nov 2010