The National Traction Engine Trust

General Council Meeting Report


The report is based on the draft minutes of the meeting held on 13th March 2011. Present were the chairman and 32 council members and observers.

Treasurer’s Report

The projected deficit for the year is expected to be quite small. This will be offset by sales of the Aveling book.

Final accounts for the current year will be presented at the next meeting.

Review Report

The chairman of the Review Group, John Douglas explained the Trust can be developed in a number of ways but they will require resources both of manpower and additional money. The surveys have shown there is general satisfaction in the way the Trust operates.

Seven areas for development covering all aspects of the Trust’s activities were outlined. One of the more contentious proposals is the setting up of a trading company to separate the Trust’s charitable activities from providing services to the membership.  Ways of generating more income should be investigated particularly for supporting the activities of the SAC. It was emphasised the Trust must continue to avoid any activities which might be construed as ‘policing’. The legal support for members could be enhanced.

It was suggested the next step should be the setting up of working parties to cover the seven areas of development with all General Council members involved and additional people co-opted where necessary.

After much discussion the meeting voted in support of the review with one vote against.

Michael Lane’s Book

It was reported reviews have been good and sales are going very well.

2014 Road Run

A set of criteria have been produced for possible organisers. A decision on the venue will be made at the October meeting.


Nominations are still required.

Photographic Competition

Entries will be displayed in the Trust’s marquee at the Great Dorset Steam Fair.

Membership Section Report

1.      Roger West, editor of Steaming has indicated he intends to retire. A new editor is to be recruited who will receive assistance from Roger.

2.      Membership is currently 2661 with 42 affiliated clubs. The latter will be supplied with a copy of this report.

3.      The website is currently receiving 2-3 enquiries per day.

SAC Report

1.      A planned meeting about the future of the club was cancelled.

2.      40 apprentices have applied for driving courses.

3.      Heritage grants have been made: one for books (£188) and another for a CAD course in using modern machinery to manufacture obsolete parts (£500).

Engine Owner’s Report

1.      72 attended the January meeting at Kilsby

2.      The AIBI now has a code of professional conduct but the group still requires a facilitator.

3.      Three scholarships have been awarded for the Driving and Training course at Astwood Bank.

Technical Services Report

1.      Officers of the Trust met officials from the HSE. Codes of practice and the competency scheme were explained. The Trust was congratulated on its work.

2.      The structure of the General Council (GC) was discussed. Not all members are actively involved in the work of the Trust and there is no limit on the size of the GC. There is to be further consultation and a motion prepared for the 2011 AGM.

3.      At present there is no head of the Membership Services Section. A replacement for the late John Cook is urgently needed. A job description is to be prepared and a suitable candidate found.

Rally Organiser’s Section

1.      Four new monitors have been recruited and with existing monitors, visit a number of authorised events throughout the summer.

2.      This year there are 109 authorised rallies. Concern was expressed at the lateness of the published list.



29 Mar 2011