The National Traction Engine Trust

For far too many years now, the National Traction Engine Trust has faced criticism of not being accessible enough for its members. Whilst we must remain respectful of those that have gone before us, it is something that we acknowledged and have made huge steps in addressing.

2016 has seen the Trust go on the road in various guises, some well-established and some new but always bringing our various messages to different events many of which we have not had any representation at before. Whilst we never set up to specifically recruit new members, we have been pleased with the results. More importantly it has also provided existing members with the opportunity to approach Trust officials with various lines of questioning and ideas. It will be no real surprise that as we have deemed this year a success, we are already looking towards 2017 where we will turn things up a further notch and attempt to build upon the success of this year - however we need some help.

The organisation now has in addition to the Exhibition Unit, two pop up stands. The first is the Information Stand, the second the new Membership Stand. All are managed by members of the General Council and although as already outlined we are very pleased with our results we feel we could push things a little further in the future. As well as what we currently do across the three platforms we would like to create some special displays at some of the events we attend. These would involve the inclusion of engines alongside our unit’s as well ancillary equipment which would range from Living Vans to Saw Benches and anything in-between.

To do this we need people on the ground at various events to help coordinate exhibits at a local level on our behalf. We also seek people who would be happy to explain to the public how the various items work and the so on. As much as anything else it all needs to be fun for all and deemed a bonus to the shows we attend and as a result we hope a good light will be shone on the Trust and its activities. If this is something you feel you could help with, please do get in touch.

As well as on a local level, we would also welcome new members to our existing PR & Marketing Team, who are constantly evolving ideas and putting them into practice at various regional events and of course at our presentations at the National Exhibition Centre and the Great Dorset Steam Fair.

Further details of the #ntetontour project will follow in due course but in the meantime if you feel like getting involved further in 2017, then we would be delighted to hear from you.

13 Aug 2016