The National Traction Engine Trust

NTET Review

Over a year ago the General Council (GC) set up a group to review the work of the Trust and to make recommendations for changes where applicable. The group consulted widely – even non-members and conducted a number of surveys.

The recommendations are grouped into seven areas of the Trust’s work:

1.     Executive/ General Council

a)     Pursue options for attracting further sources of income

b)    Recommendations to be enacted by working parties made up of all GC members and co-opted members

c)    A business plan will be required for each recommendation

2.     Membership – General

a)     A package of membership benefits to be produced

b)    A supporters scheme giving some benefits of membership

c)    Discounts for members

3.     Membership – Steaming

a)     Steaming to be produced by a trading subsidiary

b)    Steaming to continue to be free for members

c)    Back copies of Steaming to be made available online

d)    Produce a services directory

e)    A newsletter for supporters

4.     Affiliated Clubs

a)     Presentation packs to be prepared for speakers at club meetings

b)    Regular communication

5.     Technical Services

a)     More involvement with FBHVC and forge stronger links with FIVA.

b)    Provide good advice to members and campaign against outside interference.

c)    The Trust should continue to self-regulate and avoid any policing role. Any such function to be the responsibility of a trading subsidiary e.g. rally authorisation.

d)    Rally authorisation to be part of a trading subsidiary.

e)    Provision of specialist legal support to be established – additional to what is already available.

6.     SAC

a)     Increase resources

b)    Seek partnerships with affiliated clubs, schools, etc.

7.     Rallies

a)      Encourage small events by provision of set up kits and publicity.

b)    Database of engine owners to assist promotion of small events

The GC has voted in support of the review. However, it is acknowledged that only those recommendations supported by a sound business plan  and properly resourced in terms of manpower can go forward.


14 Apr 2011