The National Traction Engine Trust

The review group has been preparing questionnaires to collect information about the work of the Trust and seek opinions on the Trust's activities.

The review group is currently working on two separate questionnaires. One is for all members of the Trust which will be distributed with the next issue of 'Steaming'. The second questionnaire is for targeted focus groups which are made up of members and non-members with a wide geographical spread across the country with each group receiving the part of the questionnaire which is relevant to them.

The focus groups include engine owners, non-engine owners, rally organisers, affiliate members and commercial organisations. It has already been suggested it may be necessary to increase the size of our focus groups and this could be done via the Trust's exhibition unit or our website. However, handling large amounts of data does present problems. Collating and interpreting the information we collect from the member's questionnaire and the focus group questionnaires will form the basis of the interim report to the AGM. The review is taking a hard look at all aspects of our hobby which will take considerable time if it is to be done thoroughly.

Please return your questionnaire as the information you supply is important and will assist in determining the future of the Trust and its activities.

05 Jul 2010