The National Traction Engine Trust

Members might be interested in a new website, launched from within the film and TV industry, looking for props - in our case traction engines.

This is a  free resource for members. There are no charges and no commissions. It gives individuals and museums the chance to raise funds from hitherto unused/underused sources, i.e. film and TV production companies.

The website allows owners to show photographs and descriptions of their vehicles and machinery which art departments and researchers access to find props wherever they are filming in the UK. This website is not only used for feature films and TV dramas as TV commercials, documentaries, photo shoots for magazines and billboards, trade presentations, news reports etc etc all need props.

If you want to know more go to

The offer comes from John Manning (Property Master/Publisher) at MoviePropBay Ltd, Shepperton Studios TW17 0QD Tel. 01932 592631  /  07501 332667



22 Mar 2011