The National Traction Engine Trust

With the 2017 season, realistically well advanced in its planning the National Traction Engine Trust is once more looking to increase its activities and ability to get out and about to meet its existing members and talk to visitors and participants about this fantastic hobby of ours.

To this end we are looking to recruit volunteers to help man our stands, marquees and potentially exhibitions that we want to attend moving forward.

Representing the Trust is a very important task, and participants will for many be the first face to face contact with us on an official basis. We are looking for team players, who are happy to talk (there is never any requirement to sell) to people, answer general questions about all thing steam on the road, and of course the National and it’s fantastic Steam Apprentice scheme.

For ease, we are calling these positions ‘Ambassadors’, and will be part of both the Membership and the PR Teams, although in truth there is no real difference between either.

There are no expectations of the volunteers other than that outlined above, and no one will be expected to spend entire weekends ‘on duty’. It’s all about having fun and working together, and we would be delighted to hear from anyone who would be interested in joining and representing us on either a national level, or just at the local events you already attend, or have always wanted to attend but don’t have the exhibits to do so.

Contact Lisa via or Matt at for further information.

01 Dec 2016