The National Traction Engine Trust

I have received notice of the recent judgement handed down by Mr Justice Foskett in the case involving Chester-le-Street Council and the ‘fly-away’ Dreamspace exhibit which caused the death of two members of the public and injured many more.  It would appear that no-one on behalf of the organisers actually checked that the risk assessment for the exhibit fully covered all aspects of the operation of the device.

The judgement is quite long but makes interesting reading.  In summary Mr Justice Foskett says that although organisers of events are given risk assessments by participating exhibits and artistes etc it is incumbent on the organiser to ensure that the risk assessment is completely adequate by checking that the processes and precautions described do cover all potential aspects of the operation and are in fact applied.

You may want to take look at for yourself.  Copy and paste this link into your Internet Browser.


19 May 2011