The National Traction Engine Trust

For some considerable time the Trust through the Technical Services Unit have been trying to obtain a single licence - multi user agreement with the water authorities to provide a means for traction engine owners to obtain water when they are driving on the road.

The latest response from Brian Harris at Water UK sent to David Smith as head of the TSU neither addresses our concerns nor provides a solution to our problem. Mr Harris says....

There has been some discussion regarding your traction engine drivers having access to a water supply when travelling around the country. The question of payment is clear – they should pay standard charges.

Access to water is less clear as individual companies have their own arrangements for accessing the pressurized water network. Each would require that the users register with them and may have a standard or unit charge to cover the water taken. Unfortunately there is no blanket agreement for national water users, although some companies have some agreements for cross boundary operation.

 In practice it would help if, when planning their route, drivers use the Water UK enquiry/information line (0207 344 1844) – giving a place name or area postcode – this would enable them to find out the correct water supply company and their contact details. Alternatively, use the “contact us” page on our website to e-mail the route.

We hope this goes some way towards addressing your concerns.

This does not go anyway towards addressing our concerns. Other ways are now being considered on how this matter might be resolved.

06 Mar 2012