The National Traction Engine Trust

Wow. What a weekend that was! Busy, tiring but great fun.

Our first Marquee presentation of 2018 at the Banbury Rally, which is actually held at Bloxham went down well despite the marquee in question being half the size we originally anticipated it being. Not to worry, it all turned out well in the end – in fact possibly a little better than we had expected. Sales were good, as was the feedback to those that have recently re-joined the Trust. We even signed up a good few new members, which is always a very pleasing feeling for the team on the ground.

It wasn’t just the Trust on show though, The Steam Apprentice Club could be found at the other end of the field flying the flag for our junior division with their Pop Up, Lady Sylvia and of course Justin Steam – who it has to be said succumbed to the heat on Sunday afternoon and was found asleep on the job.

A little further north than Oxfordshire in Yorkshire, the SAC also held its annual Leeds Driving Day. Something that was considered a rip roaring success by the organisers, the candidates, their parents and ourselves. Our thanks goes to everyone who made the experience of teaching a new generation the skills needed to carry this hobby on into the future – and word had it we may well have a candidate for Steam Apprentice of the year!

It was also great to hear some great reports about the Tees Cottage Pumping Station Open Weekend, where a number of NTET members took advantage of the discounted entry.

Thankyou to all involved in any Trust activity this weekend, it really was a fantastic way to move from Spring to Summer – oh and we have once again actually SOLD OUT of those warning banners, but fear not there are more on the way!

25 Jun 2018