The National Traction Engine Trust

Events which take place on private land can be authorised under the Motor Vehicles (Off Road Events) Regulations of 1995 (SI 1995/1371) (as amended). The list of authorising bodies that are appointed to authorise off-road events includes the NTET.

Legally, the organiser of an event taking place entirely on private land does not have to obtain authorisation. However, the sensible organiser considers the wider implications such as risk to the public and participants; health and safety implications; insurance and other such matters. Since the NTET has a well tried and tested code of practice that applicants agree to, seeking authorisation is a practical and sensible way of maintaining administrative and organisational standards. In addition it usually has the added advantage of cheaper insurance!

These regulations exist because in the 1990s, changes to the Road Traffic Act extended various offences such careless and dangerous driving so that they applied on private ground to which the public has access just as they do on the public highway. An unintended consequence was that, for example, doing handbrake turns on private ground open to the public could render the participant liable to a charge of dangerous driving! In order to assist properly organised events, the government introduced the off road event regulations to remove the possibility of careless or dangerous driving charges under the conditions set out in those regulations. Thus it is clearly in the interests of anyone organising an event during which participants are expected to drive by way of demonstration to obtain sanction from an authorising body such as the NTET. 

The NTET is an authorising body and provide help and assistance to rally organisers. For more information about how to apply for authorisation for your event from the NTET please contact Tim Holt, Head of the Rally Organiser’s Section at

08 Nov 2010