The National Traction Engine Trust

Following the recent success of several campaigns on Social Media, the National Traction Engine Trust is looking to launch a new partner section of our activities simply named, ‘NTET Media Partners’.
As well as joint Social Media activities, we are hoping we can expand into other fields and activities to the mutual benefit and exposure of all involved.

This section is not connected to our existing Authorised Rallies or Partner Clubs schemes, but will include those already involved that express an interest in the Media Partner initiative.
At present this new string to our bow is free to anyone who wants to become involved be they clubs, events, websites and Facebook pages run by both organisations and individuals.

To find out more, please contact

We very much look forward to hearing from you.

17 Feb 2018


Notice is hereby given that the 2018 Annual General Meeting of the Association will be held at 10 30 hrs on Wednesday, 7th. March at Macdonald Burlington Hotel, 126 New Street, Birmingham, B2 4JQ when the Agenda will be as follows:

1. Opening Remarks & Welcome: Brian Simpson, OBE, Chairman
2. Apologies for Absence: As notified to the Company Secretary.
3. Report and Accounts: To adopt the Directors’ Report and the Accounts of the Association for the financial period 1st August 2016 to 31st July 2017.
4. Examiner of Accounts: To appoint Messrs. Burgess Hodgson as Examiners to conduct the independent examination of the Association’s Accounts and to authorise the Board to fix their remuneration.
5. Election of Directors: To elect Directors of the Association in place of those retiring.  Richard Barnes, Hugh Harkett, William Hillier, David Morgan MBE, Jenny Nunn and Chris Smyth are retiring. Richard Barnes, William Hillier and Jenny Nunn being eligible, offer themselves for reelection.  Hugh Harkett, David Morgan and Chris Smyth do not offer themselves for re-election.  No other nominations have been received.
6. Membership Subscriptions 2018-2019: To increase, as from 1st October 2018, the annual subscription rate for membership of the Association, such rate to be that specified in the last column of Part A of the Table entitled “HRA Proposed Subscription Rates for 2018-19” accompanying this Notice of Meeting, adjusted according to the financial turnover of the member concerned (as evidenced by the member’s annual accounts) specified in the corresponding third column of Part A, save that in the case of any member providing free or reduced rates of travel for InterRail pass holders (or being unable to  provide such facilities as a non-operator of rail services) the equivalent rate in Part B of the Table to those specified in Part A shall apply.
7. Any Other Competent Business: Intimated previously to the Chairman and appropriate to this meeting.

By Order of the Board of Directors, Peter Ovenstone, Company Secretary    11th February, 2018

12 Feb 2018

The National Traction Engine Trust will once again along with the Great Dorset Steam Fair and Event Radio Associates be bringing you another year of Steam Fair FM for the huge 50th Anniversary show at Dorset in 2018.

We very much look forward to bringing further details and information as we draw closer to the event in August.

22 Jan 2018

Can we please ask that any event organiser who wishes their event to be included in the Rally List for this year returns their application and moneys by the end of January.

Regrettably due to the time taken to prepare the list for printing, any application received after this date will be authorised but we cannot guarantee that they will be included in the Rally List which is distributed annually to many museums, tourist attractcations and TI Centres.

To recieve a apllication form, please emails either or

17 Jan 2018

The National Traction Engine Trust would like to advise you that the Rally Organisers Conference will be held at Kilsby Village Hall (CV23 8XX) on the 10th of March; 10:30am for Coffee and a 11 O’clock start.  Anybody wanting to come should contact  by the 20th of February in order that we can make adequate arrangements for refreshments and any handouts.

Following previous practice we offer a maximum of 4 places per event; the cost is £25 per delegate for authorised events and £30 per delegate for non authorised events. Cost includes VAT.

We look forward to welcoming old and new faces along to the conference where you'll all be introduced to the new team who are running the section.

15 Jan 2018

The National Traction Engine Trust are delighted to welcome David Hurley to the position of Chairman of the Steam Apprentice Club.

The Trust recognises the hard work put in by Elaine Massey over the years and has appointed her SAC President and she’ll remain very much a valuable and active part of the team.

David, is a former apprentice and holds the organisation very close to his heart and is delighted to be given this opportunity to bring fresh ideas and activities to the fore with the key members of the existing team.



13 Jan 2018


14 JANUARY 2018

Commencing at 11am with coffee and tea available from 1030am


NB The order of items on the Agenda may change in order to fit in lunch at an appropriate time.

1  Welcome

2  Apologies

3  Minutes of the Meeting held on 15th January 2017

4  Matters arising from the minutes

5 A talk by Colin Green, Director of Riley & Son Engineering on the engineering and operation of Flying Scotsman.

6  Steam Apprentice Club

7  Insurance Matters

8  Technical Matters – David Smith
9  Technical Tips

10  BESST – Andrew Semple

11  NTET Matters - Anthony Coulls

12  AOB

08 Jan 2018

The National Traction Engine Trusts 2018 Annual General Meeting will be held on the 24th November in the Ipswich area.

Further details will follow for members in a future edition of Steaming as well as within these news pages.

05 Jan 2018

Here at the National we have been looking at different ways to engage with both members and non members young & old.

One such idea is to launch a line of Tee Shirts that carry steam related slogans and designs , not exclusively connected to the Trust.

We have called this new idea 'Appleford Tee Shirts', and have just launched an online only store.

The reasoning for calling it something different is so that we can draw a clear line between the new products and the more 'official branded' items we continue to sell.

The Tee Shirts are only available from exclusively.

We will bring you details of each design over the next few weeks.

03 Jan 2018

All the very best for 2018 from bothe the National Traction Engine Trust & Steam Apprentice Club.

01 Jan 2018

A very Merry Christmas to you all from the National Traction Engine Trust & Steam Apprentice Cub.


25 Dec 2017

A very Merry Christmas to you all from the National Traction Engine Trust & Steam Apprentice Cub.


25 Dec 2017

The infamous National Traction Engine Trust Rally List for 2018 is currently being stitched together.

Distributed nationally to Tourist Information Centers, Museums and organisations, inclusion forms part of the Rally Authorisation Scheme and offers great promotion to events both large and small.

As well as the list being distributed in leaflet form, we also offer comprehensive exposure via our website and social media channels to those included.

We aim to get the list published in March for early distribution, so we urge any event considering inclusion to make contact as soon as possible.

In the first instance please contact Charlie Cribbes via

21 Dec 2017

Membership Services at the National Traction Engine Trust and Steam Apprentice Club is now closed until January 5th 2018.

If during the period between December 20th and January 5th any member has a query or needs help with anything concerning their membership to contact us on 020 8798 3814 where you will be forwarded to another member of the team who will try to assist you in your inquiry.

20 Dec 2017

The National Traction Engine Trust is delighted to announce that it is now an Affiliated Member of the Heritage Railway Association.



09 Dec 2017

The next Engine Owners, Drivers and Crew Meeting will be held at the Village Hall, Kilsby, near Rugby, Warwickshire. CV23 8XX on Sunday 14th January 2018.

Commencing at 1100 hours with coffee served from 1030hours.

A buffet lunch will be provided.

All engine owners, crew and other interested parties are invited to attend whether members of the Trust or not. An Agenda for the meeting will be published later on the NTET website.

For more information, or if you have a particular topic for discussion, please contact Bob Siddall, Tel 01636 821991 or

03 Dec 2017

The 2017 National Traction Engine Trust Annual General Meeting took place on Saturday 25 November and was considered a success by those that attended.

Out of respect for those members that didn’t get the opportunity to attend, we will not be reporting on the business side of things until after the next issue of Steaming has been published.

Other activities surrounding the AGM have been reported on via our Social Media channels, which we will republish here as we move forward.

30 Nov 2017

During the latter part of 2017 there have been a lot of changes to the Rally Organisers section of the National Traction Engine Trust. As a result of a complete overhaul of the section, some of the 2018 Authorisation Packs have been slightly delayed in being distributed, they are though currently being sent out to all those events that participated in 2017.

In addition, the Trust is contacting a number of non authorised events with a view to potentially become part of the scheme for 2018 and beyond.

We will be bringing you more information on the ongoing changes within this section and of course details on the Rally Organisers Conference in due course.

19 Nov 2017

Saturday morning there will be a visit to Underfall Yard ( Cumberland Road, Bristol BS1 6XG parking is very limited)

This will be for a maximum of 50 people on a first-come, first-served basis. There will be vintage transport from the hotel and return, to Underfall Yard, leaving the hotel just after 9am.

There will also be a visit to the Balmoral, which is next to Underfall Yard and SS Great Britain, so if you don't manage to get in one, you will the other.

If you don't manage to get to the morning visits, there will be tea and coffee served at the hotel from 1pm. If you have not renewed your membership, you will need to do this prior to the meeting to be eligible to vote.

The membership secretary will be on hand from 1pm until 1:45pm to take renewals.

Sunday morning, our friends at Westonzoyland Pumping Station ( Hoopers Lane, Westonzoyland, Nr Bridgwater, Somerset TA7 0LS) will be in steam and ready to welcome us at about 10.30am.

14 Nov 2017

It has been a work in progress for a good few months now, but the National Traction Engine Trust will soon be in a position to launch our new look website.

Alhough the current site has served us well, it is now rather long winded and difficult to use, not to mention not being 'moile friendly'. All functionality will improve with the new site and background systems improved making our visitor experience more in tune with the modern direction in which the Trust is positioning itself.

We have not limited ourselves to a launch date, but as ever we'll keep you posted with developments.

12 Nov 2017

Sunday October 1st, saw many engine owners and crew take their steam driven vehicles out an about for the second edition of Steam It Sunday.

Without a shadow of doubt the event was embraced by many far and wide and great fun was had by all as well as enjoyment for the public at large who got to see engines out and about in their local communities without the restrictions of rally officialdom.

Our thanks to everyone who took part in promoting one of the most important aspects of our hobby.

02 Oct 2017

The second edition of the National Traction Engine Trusts Steam It Sunday initiative takes place this coming weekend with the focus of activities taking part on Sunday October 1st.

The idea of the day is to encourage the use of Steam powered vehicles on the road, thus promoting our hobby on a national basis to a wide audience in many parts of the country.

The emphasis is of course on community, and getting out and about and showing off the engines to local folk who possibly only usually pass engines briefly during the course of any given weekend or Friday evening throughout the summer months.

Although the event is staged by the NTET, we are not laying down rules or telling people what to do or when to do it, just encouraging owners and crew to get out and celebrate all things Steam.

Have a great everyone!

27 Sep 2017

Unfortunately over recent weeks and months our membership services team have got a little behind with renewals, new sign ups and enquiries which has resulted in a frustrating wait for some.

We have had a good look at what went wrong and although the blame can't be laid at any one factor be it individuals or systems we are confident that we are on a return to the normal service expected of us. We are also looking at ways to prevent such a situation arising again. We obviously apologise to all those affected. If anyone has any further concerns, we'd welcome your feedback via

13 Sep 2017

As many people will know, behind the scenes there is a huge redevelopment of our website taking place. Unfortunately during the process it has become apparent that some of the processes and systems we have historically used are more add ons rather than specific tools for the job.

We are currently working through everything and appreciate that some delay and frustrations may be occurring to those using our online services and databases. We apologise for this and assure you that every step possible is being taken to improve our online services.

The most recent bug in the system to be dealt with was that of ‘Online Renewals’, which we believe should now work for everyone, first time everytime.
We’ll keep you posted on future improvments to the existing systems as and when those pesky bugs are ironed out.



05 Sep 2017

We are delighted to be able to report that our 2017 Presentation at the Great Dorset Steam Fair was deemed a big success, with possibly the biggest influx of renewals, new members and lapsed members deciding to sign up for another year, in recent times.

The sales side of things have reported great things with a steady supply of material being sold, and the refreshment side of things showing that it remains for many an important Dorset tradition.

Our thanks must go to everyone who made the event such a success, from those that set up and ran the various areas through to all those that let us display their exhibits in the Marquee.

Special thanks of course need to go to the Directors of the Great Dorset Steam Fair, for allowing us to continue to do what we do.
Plans are already underway for 2018.

31 Aug 2017

The National Traction Engine Trust encourages and supports road steam by offering financial assistance and bursaries (maximum £500) for those who would like to improve their knowledge and skills so they can help and take part in maintaining Steam on the Road.

These skills can include but are not limited to:

Boiler maintenance
Boiler management
Boiler inspection
Sign writing
Lathe and millwork
Hand metalwork skills
Pattern making

The list is not exhaustive and any application will be considered which shows that it informs and educates about road steam as described in the NTET mission statement:

Preserving our Heritage with Steam on the Road

Look in the heritage journals and prospectuses of colleges and schools for suitable courses. Approach people who already have a skill you are interested in to see if they would be willing to share their knowledge - then fill out the application form with all the details.

Click here for an application form


12 Jul 2017

"Traction Engines" by Anthony Coulls. Price: - £8.99 64 pages with 8 chapters of information with colour and black and white photographs. Available now from

04 Jul 2017

Over the past few years we like to think that our communication has improved a great deal.

We not only have direct points of contct set up via email to every section head, but we also are seen out and about a lot more at shows and events.

It's through the latter that we realise the importance of being able to speak to a human being at times rather than communicating via the internet.

With this in mind we have set up a number for you to now contact, which should put you in touch with us a lot easier.

The number is 020 8798 3814.

Please be aware that it isn't a free service, and if an email will suffice with your question, then that would be the prefered route however if deemed urgent then please do feel free to get in touch and you'll be forwarded to the correct person.



20 Jun 2017

The next edition of our Steaming Journal is nearing completion and we are once again looking forward to what editor Kevin Mills has in store.

‘Steaming’ was a point of discussion at the General Council Meeting on June 11th and we were delighted to be able to report to the Trustees that feedback from the membership on the new format has been very positive. There was an issue with a few copies being printed incorrectly but everyone who has made contact with us has had their copy replaced by the printers.

One other point of contention was the timing of the format change didn’t fit well with those that had purchased a binder. We accept the issue could have been avoided and is down to us entirely. Anyone having purchased a binder in the old style will have a new format binder offered in exchange.

All members need do is contact Kathy via

12 Jun 2017

It is with great sadness that we learn that our valued member and friend Michael Davies of Avon Dassett has recently lost his wife, Jennifer, after a long illness.

Michael has supported the Club and Trust for many many years and has hosted events and served on various committees.

Our thoughts are with Michael, his family and friends at this sad time.

11 Jun 2017

Today the National Traction Engine Trust are once again encouraging people to post images of Steam Rollers across their own Social Media channels.


We think it important to capture as many rollers in their true form as possible for future generations to enjoy and refer towards. We all know that a number of Steam Rollers get lost each year and this is not about pointing fingers or calling people out. It is, and simply will be a simple and fun way to get people aware of the importance and beauty of the humble steam roller.

Use the hashtag #celebraterollers on the posts to find thousands of images, and of course add it to your own pictures that you post.

29 May 2017

Following another highly successful National Traction Engine Trust Driver Training Course at Astwood Bank, we are pleased to confirm our 2018 dates will be May 12th & 13th.

Further details will be announced here as they become available.

Contact Joe Black via: regarding any questions.

20 May 2017

We have to confess to a degree of frustration and trepidation with regard to this project. You will recall the enthusiasm with which the MD of Aquam, helped devise the principles of the scheme and how he encouraged us to start the Calm Network Training before 2017 started. He wanted as many as possible of our members to take up the CNT in order that Aquam to demonstrate to the water utilities the large number of trained itinerant users.

We must remember that out Authorised Water Extraction Scheme was to ride on the back of Aquams success in negotiating their own deal with the water utilities to undertake the maintenance of their networks infrastructure. Our scheme was always going to be a bonus.
You can imagine our disappointment when we were asked by the Director responsible for negotiating with utilities to 'back off'. Our enthusiasm had reached the ears of the remaining utilities with whom negotiations had not been concluded and were asking 'what’s this about a free water scheme'. It was considered that quite rightly the cart was before the horse and was in danger of messing up negotiations.

Due to a long spell of illness on the Aquam team things stood still for a long time, however at the end of March we will contacted and told that the batten will once again be picked up on our behalf in the very near future. It does mean that we have to resubmit all emails and paperwork - but we are pleased to say there is at last some movement!

The National Traction Engine Trust is aware that our communications to those that have signed up for the CNT side of things has been less than perfect, but as we are sure you'll appreciate, negotiations at times have been delicate. We are now back on the right road and will bring news on this scheme as and when we have it, both good and bad.


18 May 2017

Fathers Day isn't far away and we have a brand new DVD available.

Steam Ploughing : An Introduction to Two Engine Cable Cultivation.

This 100 minute DVD has been produced for the Steam Plough Club to provide by description and demonstration exactly what is involved in operating a two engine cable cultivation system correctly. It gives information on all aspects of preparing the engines and equipment, setting those up for work and then operating efficiently and safely with engines, cable and implements.

A very informative DVD available now for just £17 from and the NTET Exhibition Unit.

#ntetsales #ntetontour #ntet #sac #nationaltractionenginetrust

13 May 2017

Following on from our previous styled themes within and around the Trust Marquee at Dorset the National will be putting together a presentation on 'Timber Haulage' in 2017.

At this time we have a number of engines confirmed to appear and several more awaiting confirmation, to be housed both inside and outside. We are on the lookout for additional equipment used within the Timber Haulage industry during the Steam era.

If you are interested in taking part please contact Matt via:

Further details of our Dorset activities will follow in the coming weeks and months.


12 May 2017

Friday 12th May 2017 and the National Traction Engine Trust has once again decided to run one of it's infamous hash tag campaigns across Social Media.

It's a free for all celebration of the iconic Leeds engine builder and a fantastic way of getting enthusiasts from all over the world to interact under the NTET banner. It also leaves a fascinating archive of images for future generations to enjoy and learn from. To get involved just post your favourite Fowler picture to your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter feeds, use the #fowlerfriday tag then once uploaded, click on said tag and watch a whole world of Fowler magic open up before you.

12 May 2017

Got a question surrounding your membership?

Need to find out when you are due for renewal?

Want to know more about joining us or the Steam Apprentice Club?

Get in touch with Lisa via:

11 May 2017

As previously announced The National Traction Engine Trust  will be holding another ‘Members Day’ at the British Motor Museum at Gaydon in Warwickshire on Monday May 1st 2017.

There are plenty of engines expected to attend both large and small.

We look forward to welcoming both members (who will get discounted entry) and non members to the event.



28 Apr 2017

The winners of the 2017 National Car Club Awards, in association with Tourism Ireland, were announced on Saturday 1 April in an emotionally charged evening where there were tears and standing ovations galore for the worthy recipients. Over 230 members of the classic motoring community attended the prize giving at Birmingham’s NEC. Special guests to the event at Birmingham’s NEC included the Rt. Hon. Sir Great Knight, Wheeler Dealers Mike Brewer and Ant Anstead, and Car SOS’ Fuzz Townshend. David Boyce from Tourism Ireland, headline sponsor of The National Car Club Awards, said: “Not only do these awards recognise the amazing amount of time and effort made by the clubs but the community spirit the car clubs create as a whole. There was a fantastic atmosphere in the room and a real appreciation between all those nominated and the winners. It was a very special evening that Tourism Ireland is very proud to be associated with.” A total of 16 awards were presented, with the biggest cheers of the night going to Rosie Hamilton of the Morris Minor Owners Club who received the Lifetime Achievement award from David Boyce. In the Classic Car Club categories, the Rover Sports Register’s Freewheel magazine won Outstanding Club Magazine of the Year (printed), sponsored by Stena Line and presented by Dianne Poole. Monstro, the magazine for the Maestro & Montego Owners Club was highly commended in this category. Outstanding Website of the Year, sponsored by Tourism Ireland, was presented to the TR Register by David Boyce. The Austin 7 Clubs Association was highly commended in this category. The MK1 Golf Owners Club won the Outstanding use of Social Media, sponsored by Lancaster Insurance, and presented by Andrew Evanson, while David Whale from the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs presented The Imp Club with the award for Outstanding Support of the Next Generation. The Morris Minor Owners Club Young Register was highly commended. Classic Car Weekly Editor David Simister presented the Jensen Owners Club with Outstanding Car Club Event (Run or Rally), with a highly commended given to the Morris Minor Owners Club. The Jensen Owners Club also won the ‘Best of the Best’ National Car Club Winners award, sponsored by Lancaster Insurance, for the most outstanding entry of all entries. The MG Car Club was presented with the National Car Club of the Year award, by Dave Youngs from sponsors Lancaster Insurance. The Club was praised for its ability to make sure all aspects of its role are performed seamlessly as well as the new archive building that was added to Kimber House. It was then on to the Devoted Members categories where Footman James’ Managing Director David Bond presented the Unsung Hero award to Brian Humphreys from the Rover P6 Club. Pauline Blake from the Sunbeam Talbot Alpine Register was highly commended. David also presented Graham Orchard of the Ford Cortina Mkll Owners Club with the National Car Club Ambassador of the Year award on behalf of Footman James. In the awards categories relating to the clubs’ displays at the Practical Classics Classic Car and Restoration Show, Lancaster Insurance’s Dave Young presented the Best Live Working at the Show award to the National Traction Engine Trust for an amazing display. Danny Hopkins from Practical Classics presented the award for Best Restored Car in Show to Michael Kavanagh of the Jowett Car Club for the 1913 Jowett Tiller. The Best Car in Show was presented to Alan Buttle with the Jet 1 Replica, on Rover Sports Register, by Will Smith from sponsor Classic Car Auctions. Best Club Stand awards went to the Allard Owners Club for under 75sqm and the Jowett Car Club for over 75sqm, sponsored by Classic Car Weekly and Practical Classics respectively. Lancaster Insurance Operations Director Richard Morley presented the Judges Special Recognition Award to the Sporting Bears for its amazing services to charity, raising over £1.8million for children’s charities around the UK. For all the winners and nominees, as well as more information on the National Car Club Awards, visit

22 Apr 2017

The directors of the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC) are delighted to announce that they have received confirmation today from the Department for Education that they can proceed with their development of a Heritage Engineering Apprenticeship under the new Government Trailblazer arrangements which came into force on 1 April this year.

FBHVC developed and have been operating an apprentice programme with OFQUAL accreditation for the last three years and some 60 young people are at various stages in their training both at Bicester Heritage and at the North London Garages in-house apprentice school. However the new funding model that Trailblazer delivers plus the fact that the government funded training is no longer restricted to 16-18 year olds, opens up a wealth of opportunities for recruiting more of the badly needed trainees to replace the craftsmen and women leaving the £5.5 billion pound industry through retirements.

FBHVC therefore reviewed their curriculum, and building on the experience of the last few years, have made significant enhancements to the course which were incorporated in the ‘Expression of Interest’ submission required by the Department for Education before Trailblazer Apprenticeships, with their more challenging criteria can be authorised to proceed. Karl Carter, FBHVC Trade and Skills director, and the driving force behind the current scheme explained the key differences and improvements. “Trailblazer courses will be much more intellectually challenging but they will still be grounded in hands-on skills. In the initial stages the emphasis will be on fundamental engineering skills. These will then be applied throughout the rest of the course and in the latter stages students will be able to adopt a range of specialisms. For the first time we have been able to broaden the course to embrace other transportation sectors such as steam and aviation and this will help to recruit sufficient students for each course to give colleges the critical mass they need to make courses financially viable. Another improvement, that our experience has told us will encourage more recruits, is the introduction of block release courses to run alongside the current day release format.”

Commenting on today’s announcement FBHVC chairman, David Whale said, “We are all tremendously excited by this news which is a huge tribute to all those who have worked tirelessly and voluntarily to deliver this brilliant training opportunity. What young aspiring engineer would not want to work on Britain’s amazing array of heritage transportation? And it is entirely appropriate that with the broadening of its scope and focus on the traditional engineering skills, the course is re-launched under the Heritage Engineering Apprenticeship banner”.


06 Apr 2017

As we previously reported last year, The National Tracion Engine Trust is working with the organisors of Carfest North & South to bring a presentation of steam powered vehicles to their events in 2017.

If you want to bring an engine, places will be limited, so shout up early if you are interested.

To enter, or to ask any questions contact the following:

For North (Bolesworth near Chester 28-30 July) contact Tony Seddon 07854 226251

For South (Laverstoke Park, Hampshire 25-27 August) contact Jimmer Marsh 07850 865801


02 Apr 2017

The National Traction Engine Trust is delighted to announce that Fowler B6 Big Lion Road Locomotive 'Talisman' will be the centre piece to our presentation at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham during the Practical Classics Restoration Show from 31 March until April 2nd.

With the support of both Alex Sharphouse and Morris Lubricants we hope to be able to bring a completely different display to what is a highly regarded event.

Steam enthusiasts are encouraged to visit the event as it will prove quite special and of course Trust members can get a discount on entry by using the information provided in the last issue of Steaming.

Further details will follow. 



22 Mar 2017

A successful meeting was held in January when over 60 persons attended. The opportunity was taken to present Life Membership of the Trust to Mr John Blagg and Mr Michael Beeby.

Barry Davies of Kingsway Gears gave an interesting talk as did Tony Wood of Walker Midgley Insurance. The usual other items were discussed including the Competency Scheme, Steam Apprentice Club, Driving Licences and much more.

Bob Siddall (Chair of Engine Owners Section)

10 Mar 2017

APPRENTICE OF THE YEAR 2017 - (To recieve the Jack Beeby Cup)

This award is to recognise an Apprentice who has shown all round enthusiasm in their involvement with Road Steam. This may be hands-on experience with an engine or helping to maintain or restore an engine. Consideration should be given to how well they have learnt and respected the necessary skills needed in the operation of an engine. There is no particular type of submission we are looking for other than that you feel the Apprentice has made an effort, has learned from what ever activity they are doing and has shown the ability to ‘stay the course’. We would expect that the Apprentice has been working with one engine or group for at least 3 or 4 years.

Submissions should consist of a brief description on one side of A4 paper of what they have been doing and why you think the Apprentice deserves the award, perhaps with 3 or 4 photographs and/or sketches if you feel it will better illustrate the case.

Entries to be with the SAC Chairman ( by mid September, see address inside your latest copy of Raising Steam or Steaming. Judging will be completed by mid October, with the announcement of the winner to be made at the NTET AGM where the award will be presented.

The final decision on the recipient will be made by the SAC committee.


07 Mar 2017

The National Traction Engine Trust is pleased to announce that our Rally Authorisation Officer Jo Donkin, has been appointed as the (Acting) Head of Rally Organisers Section, while Lance Jackson takes a break from current activities.

Many event organisers will be familiar with Jo as the organiser of the Safety Officer & Organisers Seminar and of course with her work alongside the inspection teams.

We wish her well in her new role.



02 Mar 2017

Steering On The Road Pilot Scheme. 

As a new venture the Steam Apprentice Club are looking at doing 3 pilot 'Steering Days' on the road for apprentices who like to experience something different to just riding around a yard or field.

These will take place in the Midlands, near Burton upon Trent, South England in East Sussex and we are currently looking at somewhere further North.

To be able to participate you should have recorded in your log book that you have done steering and be tall enough to look over an around an engine a full 360
degrees to be able to see where you are going.

You must bring your own food and drink as well as making arrangements with drivers and parents as to where and when to be picked up. This will cost £15.

To express an interest contact Kevin Munn at

These events will only go ahead if enough interest is expressed. Deadline for applying is 31st March 2017

You can join the Steam Apprentice Club here


01 Mar 2017

The #ntetontour season gets a kick start this coming weekend with two events scheduled to take place. The first, held on Saturday 25th is the second ‘Affiliated Clubs’ meeting, which is being held in Nuneaton and being attended by clubs and organisations from far and wide.

For further information, please refer to our previous news item here.

Sunday the 26th of February will see the NTET ‘Pop Up’ attending the ‘Tractor World Spring Show’ at the Three Counties Showground in Malvern. 2017 will see ‘Tractor World’, combine the already established ‘Classic Commercial Show’, an event that we have presented ourselves at previously, but this is a first for the National Traction Engine Trust at Tractor World proper.

We’ll be on hand to dish out information, chat to both current members and those that show interest and of course recruit any new members that like what we are currently doing. If anyone has a question or concern, these sorts of events present the opportunity to chat face to face with a representative of the Trust.

The event is generally well attended and there is lots to see and do and although the event is predominately Tractor & Commercial Vehicle based, there is usual a good selection of miniature steam as well as on occasion a full size steamer or two to be found.

We look forward to seeing you there.

21 Feb 2017

For further details of our 2017 'Rally Organisers and Safety Officers Seminar', please click here to view the recent Features article.

08 Feb 2017

It is incredible to think that Steaming Magazine has been going now for 60 years isn’t it?

In that time it has become an integral part of the steam scene and a reliable source of information, detail and of course historical fact.

During 2017 the National Traction Engine Trust will be celebrating its importance across our various channels and bringing you both flashbacks and insights into how it is produced and created.

#60yearsofsteaming #steaming

Stay tuned…..

01 Feb 2017

The date for this years Annual General Meeting has now been confirmed for Saturday 25 November, and the venue as the Best Western Walton Park Hotel, Clevedon.

The Meetingwill commence at 2pm with tea &a coffee served before and after the meeting.

A number of visits have already been arranged on the morning of the 25th and again on Sunday 26th, with a guest speaker confirmed at the Saturday evening meal.

The Waltern Park Hoel and the Trust has struck a deal of a rate of £70 per room per night including breakfast for it's members. Please state NTET when booking.

The evening mealis set at a price of  £26 per head for 3 courses plus coffee, 7.30pm sit down.

Further details will be announced on the visits and any additional information will be published in Steaming Magazine as and when it becomes available.

Our apologies for having to change the orignal dates of the meeting, but it is something beyond our control.

20 Jan 2017

Read our recent feature on the Driver Training Scholarships we have available here.

16 Jan 2017

As previously announced the next Engine Owners, Drivers and Crew Meeting will be held at the Kilsby Village Hall, near Rugby, Warwickshire (CV23 8XX) on Sunday 15th January 2017.

Commencing at 11:00 with coffee being served from10:30, a buffet lunch will be provided.

All engine owners, crew and other interested parties are invited to attend whether members of the Trust or not.

An Agenda for the meeting will be published later this week on the NTET website.

For more information, or if you have a particular topic for discussion, please contact Bob Siddall, Tel 01636 821991 or

07 Jan 2017

The National Traction Engine Trust is pleased to announce that they will be holding another ‘Members Day’ at the British Motor Museum at Gaydon in Warwickshire on Monday May 1st 2017.

Full details on entry details and expected exhibits will follow.

For further information on this event, please contact Lisa Crankshaw via:


01 Jan 2017

In the January 2017 issue of Old Glory Magazine, the National Traction Engine Trust featured with heavily.

To read more please click here

20 Dec 2016

For a while now, The National Traction Engine Trust has been utilising hashtags, with a great deal of success. In fact it now seems to be the done thing to add a hashtag to virtually every steam related activity on social media and although it may get annoying to some, the wealth of content now just a click away is fantastic.

With this in mind we are starting to use #springintosteam, in association with our activities alongside the Steam Apprentice Club. The idea is simple and based around the principle that come Springtime many an engine gets put back together after a winter break. It would make an ideal opportunity for many Steam Apprentices to get hands on experience of these activities, and an important part of the education programme for the next generation.

So we are asking engine owners and crew to consider involving a Apprentice or two in these activities. You can register your interest via your own post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the #springintosteam hashtag, or contact us direct and we will do what we can to sort out some help. Likewise members of the Steam Apprentice Club can use it, to offer their time and indicate their willingness to learn from others.

We hope this will new initiative will be of interest to those far and wide, be they members of the NTET or not.



16 Dec 2016

It’s that time of year again.

The National Traction Engine Trust is currently putting together a list of events that we are going to be attending during 2017.

As well as our usual Steam based events, we will also be attending big national events, exhibitions and festivals. We’ll also be visiting a lot of smaller events, and trying to cover as many areas as possible.

At each event we attend, we like to give away information packs and various goodies that have been donated to us for distribution. Although the 2017 season may seem a fair distance away we are already starting to compile material to distribute.

To this end we are asking if any clubs, events, organisations, business, and museums and so on have material that they would like us to distribute on their behalf for free, to get in touch and we can start to include leaflets, fliers & posters etc. in what we do.

No need to be members, affiliated or even staunch supporters. This is just another way of the National offering it’s support to the wider steam movement.

13 Dec 2016

With Christmas just a few weeks away now, we have received a number of enquiries regarding ‘Memberships’ as presents.

The short answer is, yes. It’s possible and yes it does make a  great gift idea.

The only other point to remember is that to be sure of receipt in time for the holiday period, all new memberships and renewals need to have been processed by December 16th.

For further information, please contact Lisa via or of course you can join online by clicking here.

05 Dec 2016

With the 2017 season, realistically well advanced in its planning the National Traction Engine Trust is once more looking to increase its activities and ability to get out and about to meet its existing members and talk to visitors and participants about this fantastic hobby of ours.

To this end we are looking to recruit volunteers to help man our stands, marquees and potentially exhibitions that we want to attend moving forward.

Representing the Trust is a very important task, and participants will for many be the first face to face contact with us on an official basis. We are looking for team players, who are happy to talk (there is never any requirement to sell) to people, answer general questions about all thing steam on the road, and of course the National and it’s fantastic Steam Apprentice scheme.

For ease, we are calling these positions ‘Ambassadors’, and will be part of both the Membership and the PR Teams, although in truth there is no real difference between either.

There are no expectations of the volunteers other than that outlined above, and no one will be expected to spend entire weekends ‘on duty’. It’s all about having fun and working together, and we would be delighted to hear from anyone who would be interested in joining and representing us on either a national level, or just at the local events you already attend, or have always wanted to attend but don’t have the exhibits to do so.

Contact Lisa via or Matt at for further information.

01 Dec 2016

Following on from the business end of the 2016 Annual General Meeting, as is traditional various presentations and awards were given to those who the Trust feels deserved of recognition.

Full details can be found by visiting our features link.

30 Nov 2016

Right then folks, it's that time of year again!

Winter projects are now well under way, your plans for next year might be beginning to take shape, your clubs might even have events on over winter or have their events confirmed for next years calendar.

Could you please send contributions to No later than the 9th December, for Steaming deadline of Dec 12th.

Remember, Steaming Around isn't just about what has happened, it can also be about what is going to happen over the next few months or even the next year.

Club contributions are also welcomed.

29 Nov 2016

The date of the 2017 National Traction Engine Trust Annual General Meeting has been provisionally set as Saturday 18th November. It will be held in the Bristol area.

28 Nov 2016

As previously reported, The National Traction Engine Trust has been asked to participate in the huge Carfest Events for 2017, where we will be presenting a display to showcase not only our organisation but also the world of steam as a fantastic Great British Pastime.

We are currently talking to the organisers of the events and we would be very keen to here from anyone that may like to be involved be it as a helper to our endeavours or an exhibitor with an engine or associated item.

The event is held over the weekends of 28-30 July at Bolesworth Castle, Cheshire and 25-27 August at Laverstoke Park Farm, Hampshire.
Proceeds to the event go to the BBC Children In Need Appeal.

We here at the National very much look forward to hearing from anyone that would like to participate in our display.



23 Nov 2016

Following the great success and feedback recieved after the Affiliated Clubs Meeting at the beginning of November, the National Traction Engine Trust is pleased to announce another open meeting in February once again aimed at regional and local clubs, museums and enthusiasts groups large and small. You do not need to be an Affiliated Club to attend.

The date is Saturday February 25th 2017, and will once again be held in Numeaton, Warwickshire.

For full details on the agenda and to book a place on the day, please contact Lisa via:


23 Nov 2016

In the run up to and during the AGM in Leicester, members were asked to cast votes for a number of people wishing to stand for re-election, and election onto the General Council.

The results are as follows:

For /Against/Abstention/No Vote/

Approval %

Andrew Semple - 115/5/2/4


Dan Brothwell - 111/6/5/4


Lisa Crankshaw - 109/8/5/4


David Hurley - 108/3/11/4


Bob Siddall - 102/12/8/4


Chris Arrowsmith - 95/19/8/4


John Gilbert - 81/16/19/10/


Lance Jackson - 73/21/23/9


John Durling - 66/41/13/6


Retiring from General Council: Stuart Gray, Paul Cook & Bob Allison - our thanks to all of them for their service to the Trust over the years.


21 Nov 2016

From the 11th - 13th November 2016, the NTET PR team are at large once more. This time at the NEC for the Lancaster Classic Car show, the team are please to announce that the exhibits featured for display at the event are the Len & Jane Crane's magnificent Burrell Showman's road locomotive "Endurance" and Tim Bowman's fantastic Aveling & Porter Steam Roller "Angelina".

The Lancaster Classic Car show in itself this year has an event theme being Heroes and Heroines due to the event falling on Remembrance weekend. As part of this, the NTET are aiming for the 1950s style rally scene, paying respects to those who aided in the founding of the steam rally scene and also the club itself. There will be a fantastic photo display of the early Appleford races kindly provided to the Trust for display by Jeffrey Shackell & family. Featuring of course images of the races of the late Arthur Napper, Miles Chetwynd Stapleton & of course, the late Dr Giles Romanes.

As many of you will know, some engines in the 1950s were entering preservation, whilst some were still hard at work, earning a crust, this is exactly the feature we present to the show, "Angelina" will be presented in an "as working" style, whilst "Endurance" is to represent the future of what has become our beloved hobby.

In addition to this, once again, Thomas Fields Pattinson will be bringing his 4" Savage Little Samson to represent those miniatures within the scene, which have featured since the very early years of our hobby and formation, and Tom Sanders will be bringing along with Vintage Austin Seven. The Seven itself presents and interest in its own right, having a history of being involved in both the steam fraternity for a number of years and having a motorsport cross over having been previous owned by F1 team owner Colin Crabb who owned for a brief time, Foden 13762. In addition to this, to show that some of our members can go above 5mph, we also have a couple of character displays featuring their own mix of motorsport and the steam movement.

Please use the discount code in Steaming and head to the NEC to see & support us"

02 Nov 2016

If you haven't already booked your place for the evening meal at this years Annual General Meeting could we ask you do so by the end of this week please.

Food options are:

White Onion Soup or fan of melon with raspberry Coulis

Roast Gammon or Roast Turkey

Chocolate Torte or Raspberry Charlotte

Ticket price is £27.50

We do need menu choices when booking.

Please email your choices here

01 Nov 2016

The NTET – An outline strategic plan

Since my taking the chair, there’s been a lot of talk. This has been by phone, on forums, by email and in person about what the Trust should be doing and where we should be going. Without taking course and setting a direction, we will still be talking about it and falling out with each other in three years time. Here’s my vision for the way I wish to see the Trust take, and work through our differences to do it for the good of road steam in general. We have to be united and we have to be committed to doing things, otherwise we will go from meeting to meeting and rally to rally talking about what we are going to do with little or no action.

Overall, I think we’re doing well. We perhaps take more notice of things that are said on the internet than we should. We ought to remember all those members who aren’t users of Facebook and Traction Talk. As I said when elected, half of the problem is with how we are perceived! Matt’s doing a great job, but we need to support him. We only get one go at this, and it’s time to move on positively – but realistically. So what’s the plan?

In summary

  • 1. The overall objectives of the Trust have not changed but the wherewithal has.  We need to review our Top Level Objectives.
  • 2. The threats to the future of our hobby are growing; climate change, pollution, fuel, use of roads.  The FBHVC is not equipped to fight the steam corner at this time.  We need a vibrant and intellectual presence on that body.
  • 3. We need to agree a long term plan which includes tangible, appropriate, clearly defined and achievable objectives. Council will engage and begin to work on this in the next year.
  • 4. We also need a robust set of short term objectives – the Trust needs to be appealing and needs to fully understand what members and non-members want of the Trust. 
  • 5. Membership is falling – we need a clear recruitment strategy, family membership is only part of it but a start.  Membership benefits need to be developed.
  • 6. A clearer understanding of who is doing what within the General Council.
  • 7. Individuals/Groups or Sections should be tasked with delivering and succession planning actively take place when someone wishes to step down.
  • 8. A major objective should be to become inclusive of other organisations wishes, aspirations, fears and phobias – and organise a meeting of all road steam related organisations.
  • 9. We should actively pursue affiliation with Clubs and other related organisations in order that we can make use of their resources and they ours.
  • 10. General Council re-organisation - We will regularise the voting procedure and cap council numbers at 21 members, 7 elected each year, rotating in 3 year cycles. A proposal to this end will be presented to the AGM this year.

A lot of what we do and what we are talking about already fits into the above points. We need to pull those activities and aspirations out of our discussions and align them with my thoughts above. It isn’t hard – but will bring us together, which is vital for us to move forward. All members input is welcome – it spreads the load and gives ownership, which is key to inclusivity.

Oh yes, I forgot the last and most important thing. It’s all about having fun!

Anthony Coulls - September 2016

31 Oct 2016

Due to some technical issues the National Traction Engine Trust and Steam Apprentice Club websites will be unavailable between 9am Monday October 17th and 9am Tuesday October 18th. 

You may well experience some delay in getting a reply from any email address, or they may well bounce back.

If you need to contact us urgently for this period of time the usual Social Media channels will remain open.



13 Oct 2016

13 Oct 2016

We had no idea!

No seriously we didn’t have a clue as to how the first ‘Steam It Sunday’ would go. It was to be honest just a test, let’s put the idea forward and see what happens.

We were blown away!

Engines up and down the UK were being lit as the sun broke on a beautiful early Autumn morning and social media suddenly came alive, with the hash tag #steamitsunday. Slowly at first, but in much the same way an engines comes to live – things gradually picked up and it seemed that many hundreds of owners and crew, families and friends were up, running and enjoying the day.

A fantastic effort by all, and we extent our thanks to everyone who made the day so special. It made no difference if you were a Trust supporter, member or hater (we only know of one engine owner who made it clear they were in steam but not for the Steam It Sunday event), or whatever. Everyone just got on with it, totally off the cuff, unorganised and just for fun!

Just what the foundations of the hobby are all about.

October 01st 2017, will see us do it all over again…….. we can’t wait!


05 Oct 2016

The National Traction Engine Trust is pleased to be able to confirm that we will be holding an 'open meeting' on Saturday November 5th in Nuneaton.

The aim of the meeting is to find out what the clubs think the NTET should be offering them and what the clubs can offer the NTET.

The meeting is open to any clubs, regardless if they're currently affiliated, previously affiliated or not.  The meeting is also open to museums and other groups who have an interest in the NTET.

It will be an informal meeting, starting at 11am with tea & coffee.  A basic buffet lunch will be available and we aim to have the day wrapped up by 3pm.

Our Affiliated Clubs representative Lisa Crankshaw will be writing to all of the clubs, societies and museums that we already have on the database, but others are welcome.

Anyone wishing to attend must register their attendance due to the venue.  The venue is just outside of Nuneaton, Warwickshire.

Once attendance is registered, full details of the day and directions will be issued. Numbers are limited to 80, so only 2 people from each club please.

To register, please email:

Name, contact email & phone number
Name of club/association/museum
Any dietry requirements

30 Sep 2016

As previously announced, the 2016 National Traction Engine Trust Annual General Meeting takes place on November 19th at the Hilton Hotel in Leicesetrshire.

Information on timings, room rates and meal times etc are as follows:

NTET AGM - Hilton Hotel, Leicester
Saturday 19th November 2016 - 2pm Start

AGM Dinner 7.30pm for 8pm start - £27.50 per person

Accommodation Single Room B&B £70.00, Double Room B&B £80.00

Please phone the hotel on 01162630066 quoting ref GNTET.

17 Sep 2016

As part of the NTET's continued promotional outlook and with the success of the Practical Classic's Classic Car & Restoration Show, the team have decided to attend the Lancaster Classic Motor Show on the 11th - 13th November 2016.

As can be seen from the following:

Due to the event theme, those who are involved have decided to make this a look back on the early rallies and the start of the preservation movement. We have already been in contact with one or two in regards to information or photos for use. However, what we would like to do is bring in some of the motorsport angle into the display, to show that despite the slower pace of life we have, some of our supporters, members and characters within the hobby have been used to the higher pace of motorsport, be it cars, motorbikes or side cars.

This is something we would like to build upon for the display as it could be a pleasant draw for those out there who are more motorsport orientated than steam or rallies. We would like to appeal to anyone who has stories, recollections or photos of those who have been involved in both steam and motorsport to please take the time to put a few words together to assist with the display.

To help could you please email this to us at




16 Sep 2016

If anyone has anything they wish to submit for including in Steaming Around, could you please email Dan Brothwell with the details via

All information appreciated - road runs, winter plans, winter events planned, jollies out over the last few months, club news, club celebrations, forth coming club events or days out etc?

Please remember that this section will only be as good as the information that is provided to it.

Big thank you to all of you who have already submitted information to Dan for this next issue and to those of you who submitted to previous issues.

Any photos you have that you wish to be included in Steaming or future Steamings please forward on to, which is also the address to send and articles which you see fit for inclusion within Steaming in the future.

09 Sep 2016

The inaugural ‘Steam It Sunday’ is being held on October 2nd 2016 and is a national event firmly based on the concept of the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs hugely successful ‘Drive It Day’.

The National Traction Engine Trust decided it needed an event where we all try and promote Steam on the road in it’s various forms, through a series of improvised and essentially free events organised at grass roots and local level, as it was done in the early days of the road going steam movement.

Thus far we have heard of many gatherings up and down the UK, from Aberdeen to Hampshire and we are delighted with the response to the idea. Be it at local club level, regional society or just one man lighting his engine and going for a trundle the first weekend in October will be alive the sight, sound and smell of engines doing what they do best – being enjoyed.

Whilst in an ideal world we would try and list every individual event being staged, such is the interest it would be a very time consuming and almost impossible task. With this in mind we encourage any enthusiast who wants to know more about local activities to contact their own local or regional preservation group or steam and vintage club, to see what may be happening in your region. You may also consider finding out about their own membership details while doing so.

The Trust will be promoting as many activities on the day as possible via our own ‘Steam It Sunday’ Facebook page and of course our now long established main social media portal on Facebook, ‘The National Traction Engine Trust Page’. To assist in spreading the various word on happenings as it takes place we ask anyone posting information to use the hashtag ; #steamitsunday. This will enable us to post updates throughout the day and with luck make it the success it is on paper looking to become. 

If anyone would like a memento of ‘Steam It Sunday’ we have engine plaques (which look equally as good on tractors, 4x4’s etc) available from our online store.

Finally, we would like to thank everyone who has pledged their support of this the very first ‘Steam It Sunday’. As you would expect we hope it will take off and become a free for all annual event for everyone to enjoy and to highlight the fact that we are still able to drive steam driven vehicles of various design on our highways and byways.


08 Sep 2016

To help celebrate the forthcoming 'Steam It Sunday', we have a number of Engine Plates available for purchase via our online store at

Priced at just £6 each, which includes postage and packaging they really do look good placed on an engine, Truck or support vehicle.

Click here then 'Misc' to order.

06 Sep 2016

In recent weeks and months we have had a number of enquiries from both regional and national outlets requesting information and images on the National Traction Engine Trust.

To aid in a swift reply we request that any press/media enquiry is directed to, where we will be able to respond to any specific enquiry.

All official Press Releases can be found by clicking this link.

Images and Logo packages can be supplied by request.

05 Sep 2016

The next Engine Owners, Drivers and Crew Meeting will be held at the The Village Hall, Kilsby, near Rugby, Warwickshire. CV23 8XX on Sunday 15th January 2017

All engine owners, crew and other interested parties are invited to attend whether members of the Trust or not.

01 Sep 2016

It certainly is 'The Year Of The Steam Plough', with our fantastic presentaion at both the Great Dorset Steam Fair and the forthcoming celebrations at Crockey Hill near York from September 8th until the 11th.

To help celebrate we have joined up once again with the Steam Plough Club, for a 'just for fun' photography competition. 

If you take any pictures at either event, they will be eligible to be included. Three simple categories Engines, Implements and People.

One prize in category each of a membership package to both the Trust and Steam Plough Club.

One overall winner will get a goody bag as well as their memberships.

Entries accepted by email only via:

Closing date: Dec 1st 2016


01 Sep 2016

Friday August 26 saw the National Traction Engine Trust hold an 'Open Forum' at the Great Dorset Steam Fair.

Surprisingly the meeting wasn't as busy as anticipated, but those that did attend enjoyed the Trusts hospitality with a beer or two and a glass of wine.

It presented those present to talk with various General Council Officials, including the Chairman and President.

We very much hope to make the Open Forum part of the Nationals traditions at Dorset in the future, and next years will be held on August 25th in the NTET Marquee.

28 Aug 2016

Following the highly successful weekend online broadcasts, Steam Fair FM launched it's live broadcasts today which will keep you up to date with all the showgroud news and reports from across the Great Dorset Steam Fair.

Don't forget to listen out for all our mentions, adverts and of course interviews.


22 Aug 2016

Steam Fair FM has now launched for its 2016 preview weekend online.

For full details on how to tune in please visit the official Steam Fair FM website.

20 Aug 2016

Once again the National Traction Engine Trust and the Great Dorset Steam Fair will be presenting the excellent Steam Fair FM for the duration of the 2016 event.

The station will launch online on August 20th and run trough to August 30th, with live broadcasting starting on August 22nd on 87.9fm.

As we launch we'll be bringing you lots more information on this website and across our various social media, so stay tuned to



15 Aug 2016

For far too many years now, the National Traction Engine Trust has faced criticism of not being accessible enough for its members. Whilst we must remain respectful of those that have gone before us, it is something that we acknowledged and have made huge steps in addressing.

2016 has seen the Trust go on the road in various guises, some well-established and some new but always bringing our various messages to different events many of which we have not had any representation at before. Whilst we never set up to specifically recruit new members, we have been pleased with the results. More importantly it has also provided existing members with the opportunity to approach Trust officials with various lines of questioning and ideas. It will be no real surprise that as we have deemed this year a success, we are already looking towards 2017 where we will turn things up a further notch and attempt to build upon the success of this year - however we need some help.

The organisation now has in addition to the Exhibition Unit, two pop up stands. The first is the Information Stand, the second the new Membership Stand. All are managed by members of the General Council and although as already outlined we are very pleased with our results we feel we could push things a little further in the future. As well as what we currently do across the three platforms we would like to create some special displays at some of the events we attend. These would involve the inclusion of engines alongside our unit’s as well ancillary equipment which would range from Living Vans to Saw Benches and anything in-between.

To do this we need people on the ground at various events to help coordinate exhibits at a local level on our behalf. We also seek people who would be happy to explain to the public how the various items work and the so on. As much as anything else it all needs to be fun for all and deemed a bonus to the shows we attend and as a result we hope a good light will be shone on the Trust and its activities. If this is something you feel you could help with, please do get in touch.

As well as on a local level, we would also welcome new members to our existing PR & Marketing Team, who are constantly evolving ideas and putting them into practice at various regional events and of course at our presentations at the National Exhibition Centre and the Great Dorset Steam Fair.

Further details of the #ntetontour project will follow in due course but in the meantime if you feel like getting involved further in 2017, then we would be delighted to hear from you.

13 Aug 2016

Yes Folks, it really is that time again….. it’s the Great Dorset Steam Fair!

As ever, The National Traction Engine Trust will be moving lock, stock and almost all it’s barrels to Tarrant Hinton for the both the build up of the event and of course the show its self.
As you would expect we have a strong presence at Dorset, as it’s a great place to meet some of our members, recruit new ones and of course network with literally thousands of likeminded people. This year will see us once again present a special display inside our copious Marquee just across from the Heavy Haulage Arena, and believe us when we say this is one not to be missed!

The NTET Marquee is delighted to be hosting the Steam Plough Club this year as our very special guests who will be celebrating their 50th Anniversary with us for the duration of the event. This of course means a number of very special displays will be prominent around our little corner of the showground.

For inside exhibits we have, Fowler 12nhp Single Cylinder, Works No. 1908 “THE MISTRESS” of 1873, Fowler/Wilder 12 nhp, Single cylinder, Works No 1 of 1869/1927. “WILLIAM” and Fowler 14 nhp Class BB, Works No. 14213 of 1914. “Bob”. Also on display inside the NTET Marquee will be banners showing the history of steam ploughing, information about the manufacturers and the implements, and the impact that British engineering had on World agriculture along with a fine selection of Miniatures in the form of 1.5” and 3” scale models.
Outside we will feature more engines which include Fowler 16nhp Class BB1, Works No. 15145 of 1918, “RUSTY” and Fowler 16nhp Class BB1, Works No. 15222 of 1918, both of which will be used to haul a road train over the show days.  This will include a Fowler Living Van, a set of Fowler Wing Harrows, a water cart, cultivator and a two-furrow balance plough.
If this wasn’t enough, engine wise we will also have McLaren 16nhp, Works No. 1552 of 1919, “HERO”, McLaren Diesel Fowler Class BB Diesel Conversion, Works No. 14380 of 1917, “SALLY”, and a wonderful Fowler A4 Compound Traction engine with Large Firebox, Works No. 9691 of 1903. We also have a large selection of implements which include Fowler Combination Implement, Works No. 146715 of 1926, Fowler Mud Scoop, Fowler Living Van, Works No. 12721 of 1917, McLaren Trenching Plough, Works No. 90525 of 1941, a Mole Drainer of 1963 and last but not least a Mitchell Stump Jump Plough, Works No. 26528 of c1920.

As you’ll see a fantastic and eclectic collection of items that’ll certainly get the party started!

Of course there will also be engines at work as usual within the Ploughing Field, so you really will be spoilt for choice on what to view first!
If by chance you capture any of the proceedings on camera, why not enter our join competition (unveiled on Sunday 21st August) where you’ll be able to win various prizes.
In the normal tradition of our hospitality we’ll be running our Tea & Coffee facilities, where you can sit down and relax for a while awaiting friends and acquaintances, and no doubt making new ones along the way.

We also have our ‘Open Forum’ taking place on the evening of Friday 26th of August at 6pm, where we will welcome both members and non members for a bit of a chin wag with Officers of the Trust and representatives of the General Council. Rumour has it that the infamous cake will appear, and some ‘other’ refreshments will be on hand.
Representatives of the General Council will be on hand throughout the event though if you miss the Forum, and we would welcome your thoughts on how we presently sit in your mind set and how we can further evolve for the future.

You’ll also be able to listen to our interviews on Steam Fair FM, which once again we jointly sponsor in association with the Great Dorset Steam Fair. For all the latest on Steam Fair FM, and indeed other happenings at this years show, you can keep up to date on our Great Dorset News Feed, and via all our social media channels.

As you would expect we also have a hashtag to go along with our activities, which is #ntetatdorset.

It’s going to be a cracking show and a fantastic opportunity for the National. We’ll see you there!

12 Aug 2016

We were delighted to see that the Queensland Steam & Vintage Machinary Society in Autralia are promoting our very own 'Steam It Sunday as part of their own Running Day on October 2nd.

For further details of the event in Queensland a quick search on Facebook will get you all the detail required.

For more information on Steam It Sunday here in the UK, stay tuned to this website as we will be starting to really push the occassion once a certain event in Dorset is done and dusted.


10 Aug 2016

Please note that you may get a delayed response from our Membership Services Office between August 6th and August 21st.

All enquiries will be processed as quickly as possible.

Apologies to all who experience any delays in this busy period for the Trust.




05 Aug 2016


Vol 59, No 3 - or the Summer 2016 edition of Steaming Magazine should now be arriving with all our members.

This issue is packed with Trust News, detail of the Authorised Water Extraction and Breakdown/Recovery Schemes, plus detail of the 2016 Annual General Meeting.

'Steaming Around', continues to go from strength to strength and there is interesting articles of the restoration of Burrell 4010, Beamish Museum and a 'Traction Engine Journey in 1975'.

Not forgetting all the rugular features, articles and debate.

28 Jul 2016

Based firmly on the success of the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs ‘Drive It Day’, the National Traction Engine Trust is currently working towards adding a date in the calendar on which to stage what we have christened ‘Steam It Sunday’.

At this time it is in its embryonic stages, but a date has been set for 02 October 2016.

We are currently contacting various other organisations, clubs and societies and inviting them to join us in promoting what we hope will become a nationwide and annual spectacle.

Full details on the day will be posted as and when they become available.

If anyone has questions or ideas to add, please do not hesitate to contact Matt Shipton via

20 Jul 2016

We are delighted to announce that Becca Mills, wife of Steaming Magazine Editor Kev Mills, has been appointed as administrator  to our recently announced 'Authorised Water Extraction Scheme' (AWES).

As you can well imagine interest in this NTET/AQUAM initiative has been exceptionally high, so the initial backlog of correspondence is quite lengthy. Could we please ask that you are patient as there may be a slight delay while we plough through our inboxes.

Becca can be contacted direct via:

Please include your membership details with any application and please do not apply on anyone elses behalf. If you are a member, please apply indvidually. If not a member, you can join here.



13 Jul 2016

The National Traction Engine Trust 'Members Website' is a relatively new initiative by the Trust. Unfortunately it has been blighted by technical difficulties which has prevented it being updated as often as possible. One area that has suffered most os the 'Online Data Base', which is currently sitting stagnent. It is hoped in time the issues will be resolved and access can be expanded.

The Engine Database is a listing of all preserved engines and their working and preservation owners put together by the late John Cook former vice chair of the NTET.

Once online it will be a fantastic resourse.

To gain entry to the 'Members Website', you will first need to be a member of the Trust, and have your membership card at the ready when you log in for the first time and register.

Registration is simple, quick and takes no more than two minutes. Just click on the link below and follow the easy to follow instructions.

Once logged in you will arrive at the 'Home Page', from here you simply click on the section that you wish to view (e.g. 'Engine Archive'). You will then arrive at the '10 Most Recently Added Albums', which you can click on to view. There is an index on the right of the screen which you can use to search the archive by either collection or year.

At any given time you can only see 10 albums per page, this will be expanded in time.

Please note that this is a very new system and is being developed as we continue to publish more material. If you have any issues with the system please do not hesitate to contact us.
If you are not currently a member of the National Traction Engine Trust but wish to view the material currently available, please join us by using the link below.

All the content published in the Members Area are the property of the National Traction Engine Trust and should not be copied and we politely ask that members keep their log in details for their own use.


10 Jul 2016

Found within The National Traction Engine Trust 'Members Website' members have unlimited access to a vast selection of archive photographs which have been donated to the trust and scanned from slides/photographs.

Launched in 2015, this section has grown at a slower pace than was originally planned due to several techinical problems, which are on the long term fix list. We still add content as often as we can however and there is certainly plenty of exclusive material to sink your teethy into already.

To gain entry to this excellent resource, you will first need to be a member of the Trust, and have your membership card at the ready when you log in for the first time and register.

Registration is simple, quick and takes no more than two minutes. Just click on the link below and follow the easy to follow instructions.

Once logged in you will arrive at the 'Home Page', from here you simply click on the section that you wish to view (e.g. 'Archive Photographs'). You will then arrive at the '10 Most Recently Added Albums', which you can click on to view. There is an index on the right of the screen which you can use to search the archive by either collection or year.

At any given time you can only see 10 albums per page, this will be expanded in time.

Please note that this is a very new system and is being developed as we continue to publish more material. If you have any issues with the system please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you are not currently a member of the National Traction Engine Trust but wish to view the material currently available, please join us by using the link below.

All the content published in the Members Area are the property of the National Traction Engine Trust and should not be copied and we politely ask that members keep their log in details for their own use.

In the coming weeks, months and years this valuable collection will be added too and we very much hope that our members enjoy the content provided.

10 Jul 2016

2016 saw the introduction of our first 'Members Day' at the British Motor Museum in Gaydon.

Although the weather was very much agaist us the event was deemed a success and several more are currently being planned for members of the National Traction Engine Trust to enjoy.

Full details of how the Members Days work will follow in the next week or so.

09 Jul 2016

Found within The National Traction Engine Trust 'Members Website' you can find a online electronic archive of Steaming magazine, official magazine of the Trust for many years, presented by volume and issue.

To gain entry to this excellent resource, you will first need to be a member of the Trust, and have your membership card at the ready when you log in for the first time and register.
Registration is simple, quick and takes no more than two minutes. Just click on the link below and follow the easy to follow instructions.

Once logged in you will arrive at the 'Home Page', from here you simply click on the section that you wish to view (e.g. 'Archive Photographs'). You will then arrive at the '10 Most Recently Added Albums', which you can click on to view. There is an index on the right of the screen which you can use to search the archive by either collection or year.
At any given time you can only see 10 albums per page, this will be expanded in time.

Please note that this is a very new system and is being developed as we continue to publish more material. If you have any issues with the system please do not hesitate to contact us.
If you are not currently a member of the National Traction Engine Trust but wish to view the material currently available, please join us by using the link below.

All the content published in the Members Area are the property of the National Traction Engine Trust and should not be copied and we politely ask that members keep their log in details for their own use.


09 Jul 2016

As many people will be aware, for some considerable time the National Traction Engine Trust has been working hard to try and find a way in which owners and crew can legally and equally as importantly, affordably extract water from Fire Hydrants.  It’s a path of negotiation that has often met with frustration, but we are delighted to be able to announce that we are now in a position to introduce the ‘Authorised Water Extraction Scheme' for steam vehicles on the road.

The scheme has been negotiated by David Smith, Head of our Technical Services Unit and Richard Coffey, Managing Director of Aqam Water Services, who now have sufficient water utility companies on board to proceed with the first phase of a 2 phase scheme.

Phase 1 is 'Calm Network Training' or CNT.

This will be a FREE to NTET members on-line training and examination facility administered by AQUAM and the NTET.  The successful candidate will recieve an AQUAM Calm Network Training Certificate.

The NTET are hoping to initially attract large numbers of members to the Scheme and that this initial 'bulk training' period should be concluded by end 2016. This will showcase the interest in the scheme to the water industry.

Phase 2 is the launch of the 'Authorised Water Extraction Scheme'. This will be the actual working of the scheme deatails of which will follow.

We openly encourage all engine owners and crew members who are members of the Trust to register for the online training, via  – it will cost you nothing, yet will lead to you being able to extract water from hydrants nationwide without the need for metered equipment, or fear of prosecution.  All we need at this stage is your contact details and of course membership number.

Chairman of the National, Anthony Coulls commented, “We are delighted to be working with the water industry on what I believe is perhaps the most important single positive development for the road steam world in my lifetime. Any engine crew taking water from a hydrant over the last three decades will have done so with one eye over their shoulder for the water authority. It must be stressed that this is being driven by our friends in the water industry and we all owe them every cooperation as the scheme progresses”

The NTET is aware that there will be plenty of engine owners and crew members who are not members of the Trust who might wish to take part in phase one of the scheme (every person with their hand on the stand pipe will need a CNT Cert. – which is free).  We openly invite you to join us to take advantage of Phase One of the Scheme, contact our membership secretary via quoting ‘ntet-hydrants’ and she will happily welcome you on board.

Further details about the launch of the Scheme about how Phase 2 is to work  will follow in the coming weeks and months.


07 Jul 2016

The National Traction Engine Trust is pleased to announce the date of our 2016 Annual General Meeting as Saturday 19 November.

For further details please refer to the forthcoming issue of our magazine, 'Steaming' which of course comes free with a membership.

04 Jul 2016

Following the recent Engine Owners Meeting and the discussion regarding a proposal to close the current experience based scheme for the voluntary Certificate of Competency, The matter was taken to the General Council where it was decided to allow a review to take place of the experience based scheme.

We wish to make clear that there are no plans to remove the scheme and it is still available for anyone wishing to apply to take it. 

For those unclear of exactly what the scheme is all about, here is a brief outline:

The Voluntary 'Traction Engine Driver Competency Scheme' is operated by the NTET in which successful participants are awarded a 'Certificate of Competency'. Whilst this certificate has no bearing in law it does reflect the driver's/operator's commitment to safety demonstrated through an ability to manage and control an engine in a highly skilled manner. Participants may choose either of two principal options to gain a 'Certificate of Competency'.

Option 1 - Examination Route

This option examines the skills of individual drivers/operators of portable and road going steam powered vehicles against a benchmark score. A 'Certificate of Competency' is awarded to those drivers/operators scoring above the benchmark.
Where a driver/operator attains points above a second, higher, threshold and these are combined with good communicating skills and an eye for detail then the individual could be invited to take the assessors' examination.

Option 2 - Experience Based Route

This route is open to drivers/operators who can demonstrate more than 750hrs experience in raising steam and managing and driving an engine under widely varying conditions and who do not wish to be subjected to an examination.  Two sponsors are required to vouch-safe the application and 3 officials of events attended by more than 1,000 members of the public are required to provide a clean safety record.

For further information on either routes, and to download additional material please visit our Voluntary Competency Scheme page.


29 Jun 2016

As we have already announced, the National Traction Engine Trust will be hosting 'The Steam Plough Club' in our Marquee at the 2016 Great Dorset Steam Fair. We have plenty of quality exhibits lined up for presentation both inside and outside the marquee, which we will be announcing as the event draws closer.

It isn't just Dorset that gets a 'Ploughing Engine Partry' though as the following information taken from the Steam Plough Club tells us:

A Celebration of Steam Cultivation
Crockey Hill, York, 8th- 11th September 2016

STEAM PLOUGH CLUB ‘s 50th Anniversary is being celebrated with a four day spectacular at Crockey Hill near York presenting Great Britain’s contribution to the mechanisation of agriculture by steam cultivation.

To tell the story, we plan to bring together examples of this heritage from all around the country representing the roundabout system of cultivation, the single-engine cable system, the self-moving double-engine cable system, direct ploughing by steam, diesel windlass and motor cable ploughing engines, rotary diggers, diesel conversions …. and more!

Over 30 ploughing engines have registered to attend. This is likely to be the greatest gathering in the history of the steam plough.

There will be daily working demonstrations with a wide range of implements, competitive ploughing, miniature steam displays and static exhibits plus engines and tackle to inspect and photograph.

The Club marquee will hold a display of historical photographs and story ‘banners’, museum items, engineering ‘patterns’ and models, and a wide range of publications and DVDs on sale courtesy of the NTET exhibition team.

And, we are offering Hands-On opportunity to experience driving a ploughing engine and implement under supervision. Contact Dick to book your place.

The Celebration will take place, by kind invitation of the Society of Ploughmen, during World Ploughing 2016, which will incorporate both the 66th British National Ploughing Championships and the 63rd World Ploughing Contest which are being organised by the Society. Hobson Farming Ltd. is kindly loaning around 500 acres of land to hold the event.

It is anticipated that 30-50,000 spectators will attend over the four days. Judges and ploughmen from 32 countries will be hosted for the ‘Worlds’ from as far afield as USA, Kenya, Australia and New Zealand. Over 300 ploughmen are expected to compete in the National Championships.

World Ploughing 2016 will have trade stands, demonstrations of modern farming equipment, vintage displays and demonstrations celebrating Britain’s agricultural heritage, craft exhibits, horse ploughing and a host of other events.

In addition, the National Traction Engine Tust will soon be launching a Photographic Competition, based on 'The Year Of The Steam Plough' which we will bring more details of in due course.


22 Jun 2016

The National Traction Engine Trust is pleased to announce the appointment of our new Archivist.

Donald Savery of Stratforn upon Avon has agreed to take on this vital position within the Trust and the Chairman, Anthony Coulls, has welcomed him to the team of Trust appointees.

Further details, and direct contact information will follow.


20 Jun 2016

Following on from the posting earlier of the 'See & Be Seen' Presentation there is also a accompanying Components list that viewers may well find of interest.


31 May 2016