The National Traction Engine Trust

As the season slows and our commitments start to fall off, it gives us here at the National time to start to think of some new ideas to push for the future.

One such idea is that of ‘Commercial Partners’, which we are currently putting together. This is open to all, and will be firmly based on mutual benefit to both the Trust and its partners.

For further details contact Matt via

30 Oct 2018

This week the National Traction Engine Trust goes truly international and have chosen for our #bookoftheweek, ‘Steam at Southbrook’ - a Book that celebrates the first 50 years of the Southbrook Traction Engine Club in New Zealand.

If you are a fan of those BIG engines currently over here in the UK - you’ll love this fine publication.


28 Oct 2018

Friday 26th of October will see the National Traction Engine Trust stage another #builtin day where we encourage those who post images on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to set aside a few pictures of Allchine built products and use the hash tag #builtinnorthampton so a wider audience can view them and we collectively leave a little bit of history behind for future generations to view, and build upon.

25 Oct 2018

The annual Society of Drivers & Engine Men Road Run will take place on November 10th this year around the wonderful Hook Norton Brewary in Oxfordshire.

As ever the event is held in suppport of the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal, and is one of the most popular end of season Road Runs out there.

23 Oct 2018

Another 'Book of the Week', with Steam Ploughing taking centre stage once again.

'The Last Years of Steam Ploughing' is a compilation of photographs, many not previously published, brought together by the Steam Plough Club from their archives and collated for the Club’s 50th Anniversary.

100 pages, mostly black and white photos - and well worth the £17.50 it'll cost in the NTET Store

21 Oct 2018

November this year marks the centenary of the armistice which effectively ended WW1. In recognition of this date, and in memory of the Swindon  (Wiltshire)  people who fought, died, suffered and persevered through this terrible time, a number of events will take place around the town stating on Wednesday 24th October.

As a centrepiece, the Great Dorset Steam Fair replica gun will be towed behind a couple of traction engines. Not only is the gun a powerful symbol of the terrors of war, it is a fitting tribute to Swindon where guns like this were made.

For further information on this event please visit:

20 Oct 2018

This year, the ever-popular Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition returns to the Warwickshire Event Centre from Thursday 18th to Sunday 21st October.

It is established as one of the leading model engineering exhibitions and the second longest running show of its kind in the UK. At four days in duration it is a comprehensive and full exhibition for everyone to enjoy, This is THE show for model engineers.

Over 50 of the leading suppliers to the Model Engineering world will be present - check out the confirmed list of trade attending on the website.

The exhibition showcases hundreds off models from over 40 societies (including the National Traction Engine Trust & The Steam Apprentice Club) -  and individuals for visitors to enjoy along with a wide range of outside attractions, workshops and lectures. There are also a wide range of outside attractions to see, like the well regarded 5” gauge outdoor track, operated by the Coventry Society of Model Engineers and the Polly Owners Group, who will return with the magnificent Fosse Way Steamers. There will be demonstrations from the Gas Turbine Builders Association and also Noel Shelley with his foundry work.

2018 marks the 80th anniversary of the world speed record, when the Mallard achieved 126mph (203km/h) near Grantham, in Lincolnshire in 1938. To celebrate this great achievement, several exhibitors will have Mallards on their stands and the Gauge 3 Society’s ‘Style and Speed’ display is expected to include some Mallards featuring larger scale models of locomotives, carriages and ephemera from the golden ages of railway travel.

The exhibition remains focussed on the core model engineer modellers who have a real passion for what they do - whether they be new to the hobby or experienced and acknowledged modellers.

Come along and see what the NTET & SAC is all about.

18 Oct 2018

Returning for the sixth year Tomorrow’s Engineers Week (#TEWeek18) takes place from 5-9 November 2018 and aims to change perceptions of engineering among young people, their parents and teachers and to inspire future engineers.

This year the campaign forms part of the Year of Engineering and engineers featured will focus on topics young people care about including saving the environment, animal welfare, staying safe, health and entertainment – whilst we fully acknowledge that we as an organisation are only ever going to be loosely linked to this project, it is felt that we should be promoting this event to encourage cross over for future years.

16 Oct 2018

Sunday 14th October 2019 saw the National Traction Engine Trust General Council Meeting take place at the Great Central Railway Offices in Loughborough. Commencing at 10:30, with the Chairman’s introduction which included a moment of quiet for all attendees to mark to passing of highly respected photographer Malcolm Ranieri, last week.

Section and financial reports followed, which will be covered in the forthcoming issue of Steaming due in the next few weeks. The committee then went on to discuss various activities that the Trust would like to involve itself with during 2019 which include a return to the Practical Classics Restoration Show at the NEC in Birmingham, and further involvement in Steam Fair FM. Both were accepted, and will be part of our activities subject to approval from other parties.

The Membership Benefits Project was discussed in depth as was the recruitment and potential rewards of volunteers for both the Nationals activities and SAC. These are ongoing pieces of work and will be reported on via our usual updates.// Talk of how we celebrate both the 65th year of the NTET and the 40th Anniversary of the Steam Apprentice Club, formed the bulk of the afternoon discussion with plenty of ideas being brought to the table, much of which will be investigated further and brought back to the next meeting which is scheduled for December 9th.

The meeting closed at 3pm.

15 Oct 2018

Richard Townsend & Sons were West Country showmen and this book is about how their life evolved and how a young man called Richard met a young lady called Kate Forse, and their struggle to build a business through two World Wars and the depression.

It also includes details and images of their transport.

This excellent title is our recommened Book of the Week and is available from our online store

14 Oct 2018

In the recent edition of the Heritage Railway Association Newsletter, there was a article to be found on ‘Young Volunteers’. Whilst not linked directly to road steam, it makes interesting reading and references the importance of encouraging the next generation into what the Heritage Railway sector is doing today.

Of course we here at the National recognise the importance of new blood into the Road Steam movement and we run our own junior wing – The Steam Apprentice Club. Whilst the link to the below article doesn’t directly have influence on what we do at the SAC, we are aware that there is cross over between the Heritage Railway sector and the Road Steam movement and some of the content will undoubtedly prove of interest.

09 Oct 2018

The National Traction Engine Trust would like to express our thanks to everyone who supported the third annual Steam It Sunday event on October 7th.

It was once again great to see so many people taking part with engines of every size and description – from every region of the UK, and overseas. Once again the world of Social Media lit up with the #steamitsunday hashtag, leaving a whole timeline for enthusiasts to explore for years to come.

Although very much a day of fun, the Steam It Sunday event does have a serious side to it as it actively demonstrates our machines to the outside world and acts as a great advert to all those that frequent the roads and rally fields throughout the year – in many cases contributing to events that not only have positive impact on local economies but also raising monies and awareness for good causes.

Steam It Sunday, really is an organic event with people doing exactly what they want to do and is obviously growing year on year. Thank you once again to everyone who took part in any shape or form.

We very much look forward to the next event in 2019 -which is provisionally booked to be staged on Sunday October 6th.

08 Oct 2018

This Sunday will see once again a large number of road going Steam Vehicles heading out on the open road to celebrate what is know as ‘Steam It Sunday’. Although specific events are not actually arranged by the National Traction Engine Trust, it is a day or weekend that we put forward for people to join in with a load of fun for all and marvel at the spectacle of ‘Steam On The Road’.

Most enthusiasts will know the usual haunts of engines, so we encourage you all to go out and get involved and catch up with these majestic machines out on the road (please do not trespass onto private property), or at the local meeting point. Snap a picture, have a chat and enjoy a day of memorable sights, sounds and smells.

We’ll hopefully be publishing images as the day goes on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds – so you can follow the fun there as well. Pictures tagged with #steamitsunday will be considered fair game for reposting etc.

It’s going to be a fantastic occasion, once again.

05 Oct 2018

The NTET Driving Course will be heldon 11/12 May 2019 at Astwood Bank.

Enjoy a weekend of driving and lectures at just£280 for the two days for members (reduced cost for SAC members)

DISCOUNT of 15% If you pay for 2 years at the same time More information

Contact Joe Black at:- or Tel: 07595 466353

03 Oct 2018

The next Engine Owners, Drivers and Crew Meeting will be held at the The Village Hall, Kilsby, near Rugby, Warwickshire. CV23 8XX on Sunday 13th January 2019.

Commencing at 1100hours with coffee served from1030hours. A buffet lunch will be provided.

All engine owners, crew and other interested parties are invited to attend whether members of the Trust or not.

For more information contact

02 Oct 2018

This weeks Book of he Week - The Portable Engine by WD Wansbrough.

This fascinating reprint was first published at the height of the popularity of the Portable Steam Engine and as such offers invaluable information and illustration for the enthusiast, owner and undoubtedly the model maker. Offering great detail, it’s a must for any book collector, or ideal reading for people that want a closer look into the real world of engine ownership.

As ever, its available now in our online store.

30 Sep 2018

The National Traction Engine Trust is currently seeking a willing volunteer to take on the role of ‘Authorisation Administrator’. The position is generally to support Charlie Cribbes in his duties as head of the ‘Rally Organisers’ section. For the most part the job will involve collating information on the NTET Authorised events and ensuring listings are prepared for the Rally List.

If interested and require further details – please contact Charlie via

28 Sep 2018

The National Traction Engine Trust is pleased to announce the appointment of Clara Taylor as our new Membership Secretary.

Clara is already an active member of the Steam Apprentice Club Committee and recently took a leading role in the team that presented the NTET & SAC at the Great Dorset Steam Fair as well as other events throughout the summer, representing the SAC. She is of course also the editor of the SAC magazine, ‘Raising Steam’.

Clara will be taking over Membership responsibilities during the first few weeks of October from Lisa Crankshaw.

On behalf of the National Traction Engine Trust and Steam Apprentice Club we would like to offer our thanks to Lisa for her work during her time with us and wish her every success for the future.

25 Sep 2018

A new book this week and one from National Traction Engine Trust Chairman Anthony Coulls.

Road Rollers - 

In the nineteenth century, it became obvious that the UK’s road system needed to be improved. Smoother roads were required to allow people to travel faster and more safely, and the engineers went to work to make this possible. In this book, author Anthony Coulls looks at one of the best known ways of doing this: the road roller.

The first road rollers were horse-drawn and these were followed in 1865 by the steam-powered road roller, which was seen on British roads for more than a century. Aveling & Porter of Rochester was the firm that dominated the steam roller market, although several other manufacturers made plenty. As technology improved, rollers began to get lighter and new forms of propulsion came in – petrol and diesel engines. Even though a road roller today will be one of these more modern types, the term ‘steam roller’ is a firm part of the public’s imagination. The appeal of the steam roller means that hundreds survive to this day in the hands of enthusiasts, who take them to steam rallies up and down the country, and petrol and diesel rollers have great appeal too.

This book is part of the Britain’s Heritage series, which provides definitive introductions to the riches of Britain’s past, and is the perfect way to get acquainted with road rollers in all their variety.

Buy now direct from the Natonal



23 Sep 2018

During the packing away process at the Great Dorset Steam Fair this year we found a bag containing a number of book titles purchased from us left on one of the tables in the Marquee.

  We would obviously like to reunite these purchases with their owner, who it has to be said must be missing them! We assumed someone would have been in touch by now – but they still go unclaimed.

If the owner can tell us what the books in question were, we’ll happily send them to you.

 Please contact Kathy via

20 Sep 2018

The National Traction Engine Trust has a well established set of Aims and Objectives as well as our 'Vision'. On occasion it does us good to refresh in our memory exactly what we are all about.

Our Vision

The NTET aspires to be the Organisation of Choice for the vintage steam enthusiast, engine owner or driver and events organiser working together to meet a common aim, Preserving our Heritage in Steam on the Road.

Our Aims

The main aims of the NTET are to:

• Encourage ownership and preservation of all forms of steam powered equipment in authentic settings

• Set and maintain standards in equipment management and operation

• Provide facilities to teach basic skills in engine management

• Attract junior members via the Steam Apprentice Club

• Set and monitor safety and operating standards in rallies and event organisation

• Secure insurance and other related services for the benefit of members and rally organisers

• Support the maintenance of records of engine manufacturers, design, livery and colour schemes, history and ownership

• Administer a 'rare spares and patterns' register

• Monitor and manage the introduction of legislation as it effects the movement

• Administer a world wide club membership scheme

• Communicate with members, clubs, organisations and the general public via the magazine Steaming

• Affiliate with similar bodies in the UK and World Wide

• Promote the production and distribution of books, videos, tapes and other related memorabilia

18 Sep 2018

Another excellent title available through ntet

Barry J Finch is a well known photographer of road and agricultural steam engines and has published a number of books of photographs taken in the 1950s and 1960s.

First published in 1962 as a small booklet, ‘Ploughing Engines at Work’ has been revised into a larger edition – A4 landscape, 76 pages with soft cover – bringing Barry’s excellent photographs to life in a much larger format that really brings out the detail.

Written at the same time, the book now includes a detailed commentary on steam cultivation by the late Rev. R C Stebbing, using these photographs as illustrations.

Get your copy today!




16 Sep 2018

In our continued efforts to keep everyone informed, all the latest information on our ill fated Authorised Water Extraction Scheme can be found via the link below.


14 Sep 2018

Whilst the National Traction Engine Trusts input into this year’s event was extremely limited, we are delighted to announce that the Steam content for Carfest South this year raised an incredible £3627 for Children In Need.

Run by Jimmer Marsh, there were 6 engines available for rides, with a sawbench added for extra interest. Our thanks go to Jimmer, the engine owners, crews and anyone else that helped over the course of the Bank Holiday Weekend.

12 Sep 2018

Another great title to be found in our online store. (Click here for direct link)

This is the fascinating story of the development of early British steam fire engines by a renowned expert on emergency services vehicles and equipment. Ronald Henderson, a member of the Fire Brigade Society and an expert on steam engines, covers the history of the early inventions that coupled steam with fire pumps.

This includes the concepts created by firms such as Braithwaite & Ericsson and their steam fire pump and also further inventions by Merryweather & Sons and Shand, Mason & Co., including hand-drawn and horse-drawn fire engines. This book will appeal to all steam enthusiasts and to those who are interested in early industrial technology. It provides a fascinating insight into the way that steam was harnessed to improve the efficiency of firefighting services and how that led to the modern fire engines of today.




07 Sep 2018

‘Steam It Sunday’ returns on October 7th for the third successive year and with it the chance for owners and crew to get their respective engines out and about into local communities, small gatherings and museum courtyards.

 We all love a good road run, a decent rally or country show but all too often this means someone somewhere has to put in a great deal of work and usually expense to make things happen. Not so with Steam It Sunday, as it’s a free for all National event that is designed to showcase our hobby to all that stumble across us be they expert enthusiasts or complete strangers.

In all honesty it matters not if you steam thy weekend before, or the weekend after – or even on a Saturday, the whole idea is to create a celebration of steam for all to enjoy.

The day may well be being initiated by the National Traction Engine Trust, but it’s not about us, or any other organisation – it’s simply a day for all to come together and enjoy steam on the road.

If you are out and about on the day and use social media, don’t forget the hashtag #steamitsunday

05 Sep 2018

Proposals to promote cleaner domestic burning and cut harmful pollution by prohibiting the sale of the most polluting fuels have been laid out in a government consultation published on August 17th by the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

You can read the full outline proposal on the DEFRA website:

The National Traction Engine Trust is already in the process talking to Government as to how this will affect engine owners and events in the future.

04 Sep 2018

Over the course of this year’s event season we have as an organisation been attempting to tighten our belts a little on what we spend in moving the Exhibition Unit around. Unfortunately, the movement of the unit is a costly exercise as we currently need to use a commercial company. Whilst the service is second to none and the price, very good – we are unfortunately limited to what we can actually achieve on the road.

Whilst it’ll be December/January time before we start to put budgets in for the 2019 season, we thought it a worthwhile exercise to bring the 2018 scenario into the spotlight. At the beginning of this year we reluctantly decided to drop a couple of events from our preferred route as movement would have been difficult to justify against predicted revenue. It so happens that a couple of extra events were added

after budget approval thanks to the generosity of some members of the Trust who offered to store/move the Unit from event to event.

This brings us to the crux of this article.

In order to get out and about, further afield and promote not only the Trust but the Steam Movement in general, we need help. Be it from one event to another, a number of events or the whole season – it’ll all help save money and take the Trust to where it matters.

We would greatly welcome help from individuals or companies, who have suitable vehicles and appropriate skills & licenses to move the unit. If we could cut the labour bill, and just supply the fuel it would make a huge difference. It would of course also offer those helping a great route into some of the best events in the UK – and all the fun that goes with it.

If you feel you can help, please get in touch. /


03 Sep 2018

Social Media provides a fantastic open window for those who care about and support The National Traction Engine Trust. However with that comes a responsibility to express views and opinions in a considered and respectful manner.

Once published any opinion expressed is in the public domain and will reflect on this organisation, our partners and supporters. So please before posting anything on the Nationals page or that of our partners, take a moment to think about the damage it could cause if read in the wrong way.

We do not intend to start editing or deleting comments or opinion but we do reserve the right to remove actions that are designed to damage the reputation of the Trust and our partner organisations


02 Sep 2018

Following on from last month’s Members Prize Draw, the results of which will be unveiled shortly – the National Traction Engine Trust is running another giveaway for the month of September.

  Anyone joining or renewing the Trust between the beginning and end of this month either online or at any event we attend will automatically be entered into the draw. This month’s prize is a couple of books written by our own Chairman Anthony Coulls, - namely ‘Traction Engines’ and his latest work ‘Road Rollers’, both published by Amberley Publishing.

Join us today and help the united voice in keeping steam on the road.

01 Sep 2018

Following the overwhelming success and popularity of ‘Formula Mamod’ at the Great Dorset Steam Fair, the Steam Apprentice Club will be showcasing it again this weekend at the Boston Steam Festival in Lincolnshire.

Members of both the SAC and NTET are welcome to ‘have a go’ and see if you can get on the leader board which will be touring the country with the track. Members are also welcome to bring their own Mamods or similar engines for a run around – it really is fantastic fun for young and old alike.

31 Aug 2018

A couple of years ago the National Traction Engine Trust produced on behalf of artist Michael James a quantity of prints of his fantastic pencil drawing ‘The Big Engine’. We are pleased to confirm that the last few copies were purchased at the Great Dorset Steam Fair last week and we have now completely sold out of all stock.

Our thanks go to everyone who has purchased a copy.

30 Aug 2018

As we continue to strengthen our lines of communication here at both the National and Steam Apprentice Club, we are looking for budding writers and Bloggers to contribute material to feature on this website.

Subject matter can be as varied as you like, but must be rooted in the world of road steam and it’s associated genres. You may have a series of criticisms you want to level at us, which is fine – but please also be constructive. Any direct names or sections of the Trust, will be offered to ‘right to reply’ prior to publication.

This is open to both members and non-members. It doesn’t have to be serious, we welcome light hearted stories as well.


Any material submitted that is considered more appropriate within the pages of our members journal, will be sent to the editor for consideration. All material submitted will be linked to Social Media, but not published in its entirety.

29 Aug 2018

A huge thankyou from both the National Traction Engine Trust and the Steam Apprentice Club to all those that contributed to making the 2018 Marquee Presentation at the Great Dorset Steam Fair such a success.

 From the hard working team of volunteers, who worked hard to plan, set up, run and pull down the various elements within the tent – to the exhibitors within who lent us all their toys for free!

Sales were up, Membership renewals and join ups broke a few records and most importantly there was a great atmosphere for both members and non-members to enjoy.

We are very proud of our team, and they should be very proud of themselves.

28 Aug 2018

Friday 24th of August will see the National Traction Engine Trust host its annual ‘Open Forum’ as part of our activities at the Great Dorset Steam Fair.

Despite it’s reputation as a ‘bun fight’ in the past, it’s current form means it is a laid back and essentially informal gathering of members and non members. There is no set agenda, apart from the Chairman giving a brief opening speech followed by questions from the floor.

Following this, representatives from the Trust will be available in and around the Marquee to chat with, express concerns or even congratulate.

The entire evening is open to both members and non members, and there is an open invitation to members of the ‘Traction Talk Community’, to join us for their own gathering. Formula Mamod will also be in operation, although non members (and members if they so wish) will be asked for a small donation to participate.

We look forward to greeting you from 6pm onwards.

17 Aug 2018

We have just picked up on this epic adventure, and have taken the following words from the ‘Just Giving’ Page set up in support of the trip.

Frederick, the much travelled 1/3rd sized showman’s engine is going on a new adventure very soon, in aid of Parkinson’s UK. We are going 120 miles to Dorset, to the Great Dorset Steam Fair: not in the back of a trailer, but towing it!

The 120 miles will be covered over three days, starting from St Albans on Sunday 19th August. We will be stopping near Windsor on the first night and then Sutton Scotney on the second, before finishing (hopefully) at Tarrant Hinton on the Tuesday evening. We obviously have a route sketched out and over the next few weeks will be doing a scouting run. Logistics are being worked out. Anyone who would like to support us in this will be most welcome. I will post more details as we get closer to the trip and look forward to your support!

Our last unique run was through London in October 2017. We raised steam at Guy’s Hospital and started at 1030 touring all the accessible bridges in the Cities of Westminster and London. Our route took us past the Tower of London, St Pauls Cathedral, Trafalgar Square, Whitehall & Westminster. We stopped at the Evelina Childrens Hospital at St Thomas’ at midday to pick up water and then headed towards Battersea Park before returning to Guy’s at 1500

Our previous St Albans to Brighton, 80 mile, world record-breaking road run was in 2015. We traversed the heart of London’s busy traffic with the coal-fired, steam-powered, 1/3rd size Burrell Showman's Road Locomotive. Quite a challenge and we didn’t incur a C or T charge!

Your generous donations have already gone a small way to supporting research for Parkinson's sufferers. My wife, Cecily, has Parkinson's and the Society has helped her in many ways. It supports individuals, groups and research into this very common neuro-degenerative disease.

"Frederick" was made over a period of four years from kits manufactured by Steam Traction World in Daventry. Tim Watson is a Professor of Dentistry at King's College London Dental Institute.

Donating through JustGiving for Parkinson's UK is simple, fast and totally secure. Your details are safe with JustGiving – they’ll never sell them on or send unwanted emails. Once you donate, they’ll send your money directly to the charity. So it’s the most efficient way to donate – saving time and cutting costs for the charity.

16 Aug 2018

A reminder that anyone wishing to join the National Traction Engine Trust General Council should submit their personal statements by no later than September 10th 2018.

These statements should be sent to the General Secretary who will compile them for release with the next issue of our Steaming Journal - which will carry all details and voting procedures for our members as per normal.

15 Aug 2018

During the five days that the Great Dorset Steam Fair is open to the public, the National Traction Engine Trust will be running a daily prize draw, open to anyone who visits our Marquee (in its usual position – yay!) on the far side of the Playpen, next to the Ploughing Field – and joins or renews their membership.

The draw will be made at 4pm each day, and announced over social media and Steam Fair FM, of which we are proud to sponsor once again.

We would like to thank the following companies and organisations who have kindly donated prizes:

The Bedfordshire Steam Engine Preservation Society

Gloucester Brewery

Wavelength Recruitment

Steam Fair FM

For those not able to attend Dorset, or have or will joined us or renewed during the month of August you will automatically be entered into a different prize draw, of which details are found here.

14 Aug 2018

The Long Shop Museum at Leiston in Suffolk is dedicated to preserving the memory of Richard Garrett & Sons and forms the focal point of this video.

The museum centres around the Long Shop itself, a grade two star listed building, which when originally constructed in 1852/53 became the first flow line production line in the world.

There are many Garrett artefacts and products housed in the museum, some of which are examined, along with preserved Garrett steam engines which are seen at events around the UK.

Rare cine archive footage shows Garrett peat harvesting equipment at work in Ireland and trolley buses which were built by Garretts in the 1920s.

In 2001 an event was held at the Long Shop Museum to celebrate the 20th anniversary, an event which attracted steam engines from various parts of the country, including a 1926 Garrett wagon which travelled all the way from Yorkshire under its own power. Part of the wagon’s journey is captured along with footage of the other attending engines which included a self moving portable which was making its first ever appearance in public

To order a copy of this fantastic DVD please visit our online store at

12 Aug 2018

What a summer! This year we have been blessed with some seriously gorgeous rally going conditions, and it’s fantastic to see a number of events recording record attendances and reporting on highly successful show days. We often praise organisers when the wet stuff appears and they battle on regardless, but this year it’s as important to say thank you as working in some of the long sweaty days seen on build up and pull down must be equally, if not more testing.

The heat, and subsequent dryness of the roadside verges and hedgerows also of course do put an extra burden of responsibility onto those that road engines to and from events. It’s fantastic to see sound advice being shared on roading in such conditions and the common sense approach being taken by nearly everyone when the subject is raised. It all helps the public perception of the steam movement as a whole.

Here at the National we have noted a bit of a downside to this year’s proceedings when it comes to our Authorisation Scheme. While we still have a good number of events opting to take the advantages of the way in which it works, a number of bigger rallies seem to have decided to not partake. To us here at the National, and we are biased of course we wonder if those that attend the events that opt out, would actually prefer it if they were? It’s easy for a committee to save a hundred or so pounds, but are they actually thinking of the bigger picture?

We cannot let this set of notes pass without a nod towards our activities at the forthcoming Great Dorset Steam Fair. Our plans are now well rooted and we’ll pretty much be following the same path we have for the past few years, tweaking rather than making any big changes. We have some great exhibits lined up for both inside and outside the Marquee. We’ll be located in the same place as usual, so we are easy found for that important cuppa. Once again we will be heavily featured on Steam Fair FM, so listen out for us, even if you are not actually at the show. Representatives of the Trust will be on hand throughout the once in a lifetime celebration at Dorset, but it’s worth noting that lock, stock and barrel will not be heading south. We will have other people doing the rounds at other events the same weekend, many of which are Authorised so we will certainly be plugging those as we go.

You can as ever easily keep abreast of all activities via social media (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram), or of course via our website. These are also great places to look out for additions to our membership packages, where members of both the National Traction Engine Trust and Steam Apprentice Club get bolt on discount deals to various places of interest (not just Steam related).

As we look past the tail end of the rally season and into Autumn, we’ll be adding to these and working hard to encourage more events to take advantage of what we can offer in return for a saving to our members at as we get into the 2019 season. Lastly, don’t forget Steam It Sunday this year. October 7th may well seem a long way off but in reality it’s just around the corner. It’s very much a free for all national event, and this year will see year three hopefully become a real celebration for all things steam on the road – something that really is becoming a bit of a habit this year!

10 Aug 2018

Those of you that follow us on Social Media, will be aware of a couple of special offers aimed at our members. We have plenty of things in the pipeline which we will unveil as and when. Included is a discount offer at the Severn Valley Railways ‘Steam On The Road’ event, this weekend (11 & 12 August) - where members will get one third off the ticket price to ride the line from Kidderminster Station - don’t forget your membership cards!

09 Aug 2018

Blasting off at midnight on Saturday 18th August, Steam Fair FM will be on air on 87.9 mhz FM in Dorset and online worldwide 24 hours a day for 10 days, bringing you all the news and views from the show, up to the minute traffic and weather reports, fabulous prize competitions, all your dedications and messages ...and the finest selection of Vintage Hits from the 50s to the early 90s – all the best songs that you so rarely hear on the radio now!

08 Aug 2018

We have received a number of enquiries regarding Membership renewals for the Steam Apprentice Club in time for the Great Dorset Steam Fair. Our Membership Secretary has given us a deadline of Saturday August 11th, after which time the arrival of membership cards may not reach you on time for the Dorset activities.

07 Aug 2018

We are delighted to be able to unveil a Membership Prize Draw that will run throughout the month of August 2018.

We have a fantastic prize on offer as well, thanks to the good folk at our very own Engine Owners Section who have donated a place on our Driver Training Course, held in Worcestershire in May 2019.

To be eligible for the prize draw you simply have to Join, Renew or Rejoin the National Traction Engine Trust, either online or in person at one of the events we attend in August 2019.

Understandably, some may be disappointed if they joined in the previous few months, however we plan to run this draw (with differing prizes) on a monthly basis – and we have to start somewhere.

Due to the nature of some of the prizes, the draw will only be open to members of the NTET aged 18 or above. The ‘Driving Course’ place can be transferred if given away as a gift, but no monetary alternative can be offered. The Trusts decision is final in this competition is final.

Good Luck!

01 Aug 2018

As promised, Robert Goodwill MP, one of our Patrons, has made contact with the DfT asking for the clarification on the issues on Roadworthiness that had been outlined to him, and consequently a communication has been recevied via Robert from a senior DfT Roadworthiness Testing policy maker. 

The communication was unfortunately received too late to be included in the Technical Services Units submission for the recent issue of Steaming.  That artice is now subject to modification, but in a positive manner..

The advice we can now give, and which we ask you to accurately share amongst our steaming friends, is as follows;

  1. If your vehicle is already registered as an ' Historic Vehicle' you may find that exemption from MOT Testing has been automatically applied; you will know this if you successfully attempt to re-tax the vehicle using the DVLA's on-line service, i.e. your request is not challenged and dismissed. If the attempt to re-tax is dismissed then follow these guidelines below;
  2. If the vehicle weighs less than 3.5 tonne, was first registered over 40 years ago, and has not been substantially modified in the past 30 years (no definition has yet been given to 'substantially modified' for steam vehicles) then exemption can be claimed at the Post Office using DVLA Form V112 'Declaration of Exemption from MOT' and ticking Category 'r' - A Vehicle of Historic Interest - VHI.
  3. If your vehicle weighs less than 3.5 tonnes and is not a VHI but is not capable of exceeding 15.5 mph by design, exemption should be claimed using Category 'o' on DVLA Form V112
  4. If your vehicle weighs more than 3.5 tonne and is a Road Roller exemption should be claimed using Category '2' on DVLA Form V112G.
  5. If your vehicle weighs more than 3.5 tonne and is any form of Steam propelled vehicle other than a Road Roller, exemption should be claimed using Category '26' - 'Steam Propelled Vehicle', on DVLA Form V112G - this form assumes everything above 3.5 tonnes weight is a goods vehicle. Don't challenge it, the DVLA appear to have accepted this blurred edge approach.

The National Traction Engine Trust believes that the above categories, agreed to by the DfT should allow all types of steam vehicles to claim exemption to MOT.

30 Jul 2018

Although not directly associated with the event, members of the National Traction Engine Trust may like to know about the 2018 Steam Car Club of Great Britain Summer Tour.

Held between August 20th and August 24th, the touring group will be based at The Holdford Arms Brewpub, which is located near Tetbury in Gloucestershire.

For further information please visit either the Steam Car Club of Great Britain or National Steam Car Association websites.

26 Jul 2018

This coming weekend (July 27/28/29) will see the National Traction Engine Trust attend the huge CarFest event at Bolesworth Park in Cheshire.

Principally organised to raise funds for BBC Children In Need, the Trust has gathered together around 15 engines of varying size and type and will be offering the festival goers an opportunity to ‘have a go’. Whilst recruiting new members is not essentially the name of the game, we do hope that as with 2017 we manage to raise the profile of not just the Trust but also the road steam movement in general. With luck our activities will encourage some of the many thousands of people that attend to check out a steam event closer to home, or at the very least have some appreciation for them when they are met on the open road by an engine or two heading to or from a show.

Our thanks as ever go to those that have given up time to attend on our behalf.

23 Jul 2018

Latest news from the FBHVC:

The Directors of The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (The Federation), are delighted to announce that their application for student funding for their Heritage Engineering Apprenticeship has been granted.

The original course, the only one of its kind in the UK with Ofqual accreditation, has been re-launched to meet the Government’s new Trailblazer criteria, with a greater emphasis on preserving basic engineering skills and practices. With the broader application of these skills we have taken the opportunity to include options for heritage aviation, heritage marine and steam as well as road vehicles. The removal of any age criteria for the course opens it up to older students, particularly those looking for a second career or former service people wanting a career in civilian life. The existing apprenticeship, which has been offered at Bicester since its launch in 2014 will start conversion to the new standard from August this year. The improved course has been created by a panel of restoration businesses and training providers to ensure the skills taught are those needed for the historic sector and these have also been “future proofed” by including a number of specialisms currently not available, such as Trim and Coachwork. Plans are being made to add these at a later date and the funding announced today will also cover these options.

Commenting on the news The Federation’s Skills Director, Karl Carter said today (12 July), ” Two months ago we received the news that the Heritage Engineering Apprenticeship scheme we have been working on for over a year had been allocated a funding band which was insufficient to make the course financially viable to deliver.

The difference between the funding and the delivery cost has to be paid by the employer on top of paying the apprentice salary and travel costs. We therefore appealed the decision and I am very pleased to confirm that the appeal was successful and we have been allocated a higher funding band which allows us to launch the new course in the Autumn.”

Over the last six months the level of interest in the course has been tremendous and the Heritage Skills Academy that has been running the course from The Federation’s dedicated facility at Bicester Heritage has seen significant growth in numbers of employers coming forward and particularly the number of people wanting to do this apprenticeship and make a career in historic vehicles.

Heritage Skills Academy Website

12 Jul 2018

Yes, we know – almost like a stuck record isn’t it. Banners, banners, banners. We can hang them here, hang them there, we can brighten up your event, we can sell you spaces on them to advertise the list goes on and on.

However one banner in question has taken us quite by surprise in the way it has sold. That is of course the ‘Generic Safety Banner’, which is designed to be placed on the back of any slow moving/towed vehicle, quickly and simply without the need for electrics, screws or tape measures. Simply unroll, attach and off you go.

It’s a simple inexpensive solution, and a way in which the Trust can be seen to be helping people without the over sensitive accusing us of being the ‘Steam Engine Police’.

The added bonus for members is that they are cheaper to members of the Trust at just £15 each, saving you £3 on the £18 price to non members. You do of course save on postage, which is another £1.50 – a cool saving of at least a pint and a half of beer when you arrive safely at your destination (well it works that way in Gloucestershire anyway).  As a member, buying two saves you nearly six quid at £28, whilst non members will be paying £32 plus the postage.

It is but a small benefit we admit, but if you add it up in partaking in these members offers you will have reduced your membership fee to about 45p a week (give or take).

With lots more special deals and offers heading this way in the weeks and months to come, becoming a member really will save you a bit of money. However, the long and the short of it is that we are keen for as many people as want them to get hold of these banners – so what are you waiting for. – go to Misc items. All your options are readily available.

09 Jul 2018

With the news currently full of pictures of moorland ablaze in the Northwest of England, and the subsequent search for the source of the flames, be it natural, accident or deliberate – it does bring into focus one of the downsides to this thus far glorious summers we are all enjoying.

It is these pictures that possibly prompted an email from a non-enthusiastic member of the public, who was quite rightly enquiring what the dangers were in driving an engine adjacent to a field that had been exposed to more than its fair share of sunlight, and no real water for several weeks now. She had apparently been told that back in 1976, there was a case of a fire engine chasing down an engine putting out various fires as it went. Be this story fact or fiction, it’s irrelevant to this blog post, but the perception is important. After a few email exchanges, and what was described as a fish bowl coming out of the top of the chimney, she was reassured enough to understand that sensible and time tested measures were in place on engines to prevent ‘sparks’ flying skyward, catching in the breeze and destroying next month’s supply of corn flakes.

It is also worth noting that in these conditions, if you see an engine without a ‘fish bowl’ or ‘balloon’ emanating from its front end. Many have internal ones fitted of were originally build with one. It is after all, not a new problem.

Here at the NTET, we do not tell people how to drive their engines or what to attach to them, but the vast majority understand the implications of a carelessness display of power in these conditions and use their common sense and time served understanding of driving steam engines on the road in taking suitable precautions and planning the route to avoid any precarious situations.

With the weather looking to continue its glorious state for a few more weeks to come, the ‘Spark Arrester’ really is the crown on many an engine.

02 Jul 2018

Wow. What a weekend that was! Busy, tiring but great fun.

Our first Marquee presentation of 2018 at the Banbury Rally, which is actually held at Bloxham went down well despite the marquee in question being half the size we originally anticipated it being. Not to worry, it all turned out well in the end – in fact possibly a little better than we had expected. Sales were good, as was the feedback to those that have recently re-joined the Trust. We even signed up a good few new members, which is always a very pleasing feeling for the team on the ground.

It wasn’t just the Trust on show though, The Steam Apprentice Club could be found at the other end of the field flying the flag for our junior division with their Pop Up, Lady Sylvia and of course Justin Steam – who it has to be said succumbed to the heat on Sunday afternoon and was found asleep on the job.

A little further north than Oxfordshire in Yorkshire, the SAC also held its annual Leeds Driving Day. Something that was considered a rip roaring success by the organisers, the candidates, their parents and ourselves. Our thanks goes to everyone who made the experience of teaching a new generation the skills needed to carry this hobby on into the future – and word had it we may well have a candidate for Steam Apprentice of the year!

It was also great to hear some great reports about the Tees Cottage Pumping Station Open Weekend, where a number of NTET members took advantage of the discounted entry.

Thankyou to all involved in any Trust activity this weekend, it really was a fantastic way to move from Spring to Summer – oh and we have once again actually SOLD OUT of those warning banners, but fear not there are more on the way!

25 Jun 2018

An increasing number of event organisers are asking exhibitors, including owners of steam powered vehicles or equipment, to furnish 'Risk Assessments' in support of their attendance at the event.

The Technical Services Unit has prepared a family of pro-forma Risk Assessment Forms designed to represent the most common types of steam powered traction engines, showman's engines, road rollers and stationary engines. The National Traction Engine Trust provides these Generic Risk Assessments without warranty; implied or expressed. The user may use the forms freely and modify them at will but no responsibility can be accepted by the NTET for these or any resultant ‘risk assessments’ which may be subsequently submitted for scrutiny to a Third Party. For further advice email the Technical Services Unit via

The Risk Assessment forms are available in pdf format and may be downloaded, printed or saved for amendment by the user by clicking on the appropriate type listed here:

20 Jun 2018

Regular followers of our Social Media accounts will have noticed that over the past few weeks we have been Tweeting, Instagaming and Facebooking all about the various discounts that can now be obtained as part of your membership to the National Traction Engine Trust.

With the school summer holidays rapidly approaching we thought it an ideal time to start looking for a few extra treats and days out for our membership. We are aware though that we can’t do it all ourselves so we are on the lookout for museums, family attractions, pumping stations that wants to get involved to get in touch as it may take us a while to get to everyone ourselves! As you can imagine we have quite a few incentives we can offer back to anyone signing up to the scheme, which will get the attention of members and non members alike.

For further information please get in touch with us via:

18 Jun 2018

The National Traction Engine Trust has always made a conscious effort to get out and about to as many shows as possible.

It is today as much as it has always been a vital part of our role as a charitable Trust to promote the world of road steam by providing information, through leaflets and books as well as a readily available representative of the organisation in pursuit of our stated aim of “preserving our heritage with steam on the road”.

Today on our Facebook page, we have been giving a few details of our next big event which will be at the Bloxham Rally, organised by the Banbury Steam Society. The dates are June 23 & 24, and we’ll be presenting a marquee where you’ll be able to get your hands on all sorts of goodies, have a chat with various Trustees and renew your memberships.

Obviously it’s also a great opportunity to join up as well! We’ll have several surprises on display and of course our own ‘Lady Sylvia’ will be taking part in the huge gathering of Steam Traction World Engines that will be celebrating their 10 year anniversary.

15 Jun 2018

Last weekend saw our annual Driver Training Course take place at Astwood Bank in Worcestershire.

As with previous occasions it was deemed a great success by all those tht attended.

We will be bringing a full report in a future issue of Steaming, but you can look out for additional images across our Social Media channels in the coming weeks and months.

15 May 2018

Members will have now received their latest issue of our Steaming Journal in which you will have been provided with information on the forthcoming changes to Data Protection Law.

We are committed to keeping your personal information safe and we have procedures now in place to secure your data to conform with the new laws as of May 2018.

All members are asked to read the document in Steaming, and sign and return the document or to follow these links to complete your ‘Acknowledgement of Privacy Notice.



For anyone not recieving Steaming, you can find a detailed explanation of GDPR and how it effects the National Traction Engine Trust (to follow) and Steam Apprentice Club


28 Apr 2018

If you follow our Social Media channels you’ll be well aware of our rather large banners that we seem to talk quite a lot about.

They are basically huge pictures (4x2metres) that line the walls of various model, craft and beer tents up and down the rally circuit. We of course also display them at the likes of the Great Dorset Steam Fair and the NEC Exhibitions we do.

They have the potential to be seen by tens of thousands of people, year after year.

As well as the picture they carry the NTET & SAC logos, as well as that of the business, show or club that sponsors them.

To get featured on one costs just £50, which not only helps you by getting seen it also helps us by getting more made and available.
If you feel this is of interest to you and you’d like to get involved, get in touch. The sooner you do so the more events we can cover for you.


25 Apr 2018

As part of our ongoing update of we ha,ve just had a look at our page for Steaming Magazine and made a few changes.






21 Apr 2018

We have heard a few rumblings of late that information on our proposed Authorised Water Extraction Scheme is hard to come by, so here for those interested in how it stands today is the link to the detail of the current standing of the project.


20 Apr 2018

With ‘Drive It Day’ just a few days away and many engine owners taking the opportunity to take their engines out on the road, our thoughts here at the National Traction Engine Trust are looking a little further into the future and our own take on ‘Drive It Day’, ‘Steam It Sunday’.

This year the event takes place on October 7th, and to help celebrate we have some engine plaques available for just £6 each.
They look good on Engines, living vans, trailers, support vehicles – tractors, lorries, family cars, just about anything really (you’d struggle to get one on a motorbike and they are a bit big for miniatures as well).

Order now, and get them while you can. Click here

18 Apr 2018

Unfortunately due to unforseen circumstances the National Traction Engine Trust has had to cancel this years scheduled 'Members Day' at Gaydon.

We would like to extend our apologies to those members that were planning to visit us on the day.

Although nothing can be confirmed at present, we are working on an alternative 'Members Only Get Together' as a replacement event, although this WILL NOT be on the early May Bank Holiday weekend.

More news when we have it.







16 Apr 2018

The Department of Food & Rural Affairs recently asked for information on the use of solid fuels such as house coal, manufactured solid fuel and wood for domestic heating, and the impact that changes to the availability of these fuels would have on consumers and businesses.

The Government’s long term strategy is to see households move away from these polluting fuels towards cleaner technologies.  This call for evidence is a series of questions which will help Government consider what steps should be taken as they  transition towards this long term goal. It will help them understand the costs, impacts and benefits associated with any changes.

As an organisation the National Traction Engine Trust has responded, providing detail of how the road steam movement operates both on the road and in the rally field enviroment.

A full report regarding this subject will appear in a future edition of our members journal, Steaming.

You can read the information from DEFRA here.

15 Apr 2018

The latest issue of Vintage Spirit Magazine  carries another Communications Update from the Public Relations office here at the National.

You can also read it here.


14 Apr 2018

A full report on the 2018 Rally Organisers Conference held at Kilsby in late February will follow in the next few weeks, and the presentations that featured will be available to all as downloads.

Our apologies for the delay in getting this content online. 

25 Mar 2018

The National Traction Engine Trust is pleased to announce that our Exhibition/Sales Unit will be out and about during the 2018 season at the following events:

Old Warden

In addition to this we are also planning Marquee presentations at the following events:

South Cerney
Great Dorset Steam Fair

Our ‘Pop Ups’ will be out and about as well, which we’ll list in due course.

We would of course like to take the unit out and about ore regularly, but we are currently in a position of having to use commercial rates to move it from show to show. Ideally, we would like to hear from events who can move the unit to their shows, or even individuals who would be interested in moving the unit on a regular basis and enjoy the shows it attends once set up.

We appreciate in this day and age, this is a big ask but even someone taking it to and from their own show would help our limited budgets.

If you feel you can help in any shape or form, please contact us via


23 Mar 2018

The NEC in Birmingham will this weekend be welcoming hundreds of thousands of Car and Restoration enthusiasts for the annual Practical Classics Restoration Show.

As in previous year the National Traction Engine Trust along with the Steam Apprentice Club will be presenting the world of steam to visitors, in the shape of a number of exhibits.

We have two Living Vans in attendance, one which is 'as found' condition, the other complete and restored offering a great comparison to each other. Similarly these will be accompanied by a fully restored Foster Steam Tractor and a part built equivilent.

In addition to this the NTET along with the Sporting Bears will have a Burrell Road Locomotive and a Fowler Traction Engine in steam offering a driver experience to those that have always wanted the opportunity to 'have a go'

Its going to be a very special weekend, and members of the Trust get an opportunity to gain access at a discount. Just see details in your last issue of Steaming and dont forget your Membership Cards.

21 Mar 2018

On May 25th, 2018 the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) becomes law; it is a substantial strengthening of the old Data Protection Act which becomes redundant.

The main features of GDPR is the promotion of fairness in the disclosure and use of the personal data that is held, access to that data by the person it refers to, the subject, the ability of the subject to withdraw consent to the information being held and tighter security in the storing and transfer of personal information.

The NTET is working to ensure that it will be fully complaint by 25th May.

GDPR requires an organisation such as the NTET to notify the Information Commissioners Office of the nature of the data it holds, why it holds it and for how long and who has access to it.  GDPR also requires the NTET to advise its existing members individually about the personal information it holds on them via a Policy Statement.  This statement will require all existing members to respond stating whether or not they wish data to be held and used in the manner described. It will be part of the joining process that new members will be advised of the data being held and will have the option to opt out.  Opting out in either case will present us with considerable difficulties but that cannot be used as a reason not to allow someone to become a member.  We are urgently working towards devising and issuing the Policy Statement.

In the meantime members should be assured that the NTET takes very seriously its obligations under GDPR and in any case will never sell or give away any information it holds for any of its Members, Patrons, Officers or Associates.  It will solely use that information to provide membership services and to meet its charitable objectives and obligations.


19 Mar 2018

Our latest column in Vintage Spirit Magazine has been published, entitled 'Training To Safeguard Children & Vunerable Adults'.

Check out our 'Communications Updates' to read in full.

17 Mar 2018

The following words have been written by Anthony Coulls for an on behalf of the National Traction Engine Trust.

"Sir William - Bill - McAlpine was an enthusiast - an enthusiast for life, people and steam. The NTET is sorry to have lost Bill, for not only was he a valuable and supportive Patron, he was a lively and generous character and a very long standing member of the Trust. Many people know of his contribution to railway heritage, but for a good number of years, he owned and rallied a fine collection of traction engines and road steam vehicles from his Fawley property. Always willing to share time or experience, a number of special events at Fawley Hill in the last decade allowed he and Lady Judy to share their museum, railway and especially their company. We were privileged indeed to have Bill and Judy as guests at our AGM dinner, where Bill's contribution to preservation was recognised with the Bill McAlpine trophy - which he was the recipient of. A real gentleman whose legacy is far and wide in the heritage world and whose name will be always spoken with respect and admiration. Rest in Peace Bill, it was a pleasure to have known you."


05 Mar 2018

Great to see a return of a column in this months Old Glory Magazine.

Read it here:

28 Feb 2018

Following the recent success of several campaigns on Social Media, the National Traction Engine Trust is looking to launch a new partner section of our activities simply named, ‘NTET Media Partners’.
As well as joint Social Media activities, we are hoping we can expand into other fields and activities to the mutual benefit and exposure of all involved.

This section is not connected to our existing Authorised Rallies or Partner Clubs schemes, but will include those already involved that express an interest in the Media Partner initiative.
At present this new string to our bow is free to anyone who wants to become involved be they clubs, events, websites and Facebook pages run by both organisations and individuals.

To find out more, please contact

We very much look forward to hearing from you.

17 Feb 2018


Notice is hereby given that the 2018 Annual General Meeting of the Association will be held at 10 30 hrs on Wednesday, 7th. March at Macdonald Burlington Hotel, 126 New Street, Birmingham, B2 4JQ when the Agenda will be as follows:

1. Opening Remarks & Welcome: Brian Simpson, OBE, Chairman
2. Apologies for Absence: As notified to the Company Secretary.
3. Report and Accounts: To adopt the Directors’ Report and the Accounts of the Association for the financial period 1st August 2016 to 31st July 2017.
4. Examiner of Accounts: To appoint Messrs. Burgess Hodgson as Examiners to conduct the independent examination of the Association’s Accounts and to authorise the Board to fix their remuneration.
5. Election of Directors: To elect Directors of the Association in place of those retiring.  Richard Barnes, Hugh Harkett, William Hillier, David Morgan MBE, Jenny Nunn and Chris Smyth are retiring. Richard Barnes, William Hillier and Jenny Nunn being eligible, offer themselves for reelection.  Hugh Harkett, David Morgan and Chris Smyth do not offer themselves for re-election.  No other nominations have been received.
6. Membership Subscriptions 2018-2019: To increase, as from 1st October 2018, the annual subscription rate for membership of the Association, such rate to be that specified in the last column of Part A of the Table entitled “HRA Proposed Subscription Rates for 2018-19” accompanying this Notice of Meeting, adjusted according to the financial turnover of the member concerned (as evidenced by the member’s annual accounts) specified in the corresponding third column of Part A, save that in the case of any member providing free or reduced rates of travel for InterRail pass holders (or being unable to  provide such facilities as a non-operator of rail services) the equivalent rate in Part B of the Table to those specified in Part A shall apply.
7. Any Other Competent Business: Intimated previously to the Chairman and appropriate to this meeting.

By Order of the Board of Directors, Peter Ovenstone, Company Secretary    11th February, 2018

12 Feb 2018

The National Traction Engine Trust will once again along with the Great Dorset Steam Fair and Event Radio Associates be bringing you another year of Steam Fair FM for the huge 50th Anniversary show at Dorset in 2018.

We very much look forward to bringing further details and information as we draw closer to the event in August.

22 Jan 2018

Can we please ask that any event organiser who wishes their event to be included in the Rally List for this year returns their application and moneys by the end of January.

Regrettably due to the time taken to prepare the list for printing, any application received after this date will be authorised but we cannot guarantee that they will be included in the Rally List which is distributed annually to many museums, tourist attractcations and TI Centres.

To recieve a apllication form, please emails either or

17 Jan 2018

The National Traction Engine Trust would like to advise you that the Rally Organisers Conference will be held at Kilsby Village Hall (CV23 8XX) on the 10th of March; 10:30am for Coffee and a 11 O’clock start.  Anybody wanting to come should contact  by the 20th of February in order that we can make adequate arrangements for refreshments and any handouts.

Following previous practice we offer a maximum of 4 places per event; the cost is £25 per delegate for authorised events and £30 per delegate for non authorised events. Cost includes VAT.

We look forward to welcoming old and new faces along to the conference where you'll all be introduced to the new team who are running the section.

15 Jan 2018

The National Traction Engine Trust are delighted to welcome David Hurley to the position of Chairman of the Steam Apprentice Club.

The Trust recognises the hard work put in by Elaine Massey over the years and has appointed her SAC President and she’ll remain very much a valuable and active part of the team.

David, is a former apprentice and holds the organisation very close to his heart and is delighted to be given this opportunity to bring fresh ideas and activities to the fore with the key members of the existing team.



13 Jan 2018


14 JANUARY 2018

Commencing at 11am with coffee and tea available from 1030am


NB The order of items on the Agenda may change in order to fit in lunch at an appropriate time.

1  Welcome

2  Apologies

3  Minutes of the Meeting held on 15th January 2017

4  Matters arising from the minutes

5 A talk by Colin Green, Director of Riley & Son Engineering on the engineering and operation of Flying Scotsman.

6  Steam Apprentice Club

7  Insurance Matters

8  Technical Matters – David Smith
9  Technical Tips

10  BESST – Andrew Semple

11  NTET Matters - Anthony Coulls

12  AOB

08 Jan 2018

The National Traction Engine Trusts 2018 Annual General Meeting will be held on the 24th November in the Ipswich area.

Further details will follow for members in a future edition of Steaming as well as within these news pages.

05 Jan 2018

Here at the National we have been looking at different ways to engage with both members and non members young & old.

One such idea is to launch a line of Tee Shirts that carry steam related slogans and designs , not exclusively connected to the Trust.

We have called this new idea 'Appleford Tee Shirts', and have just launched an online only store.

The reasoning for calling it something different is so that we can draw a clear line between the new products and the more 'official branded' items we continue to sell.

The Tee Shirts are only available from exclusively.

We will bring you details of each design over the next few weeks.

03 Jan 2018

All the very best for 2018 from bothe the National Traction Engine Trust & Steam Apprentice Club.

01 Jan 2018

A very Merry Christmas to you all from the National Traction Engine Trust & Steam Apprentice Cub.


25 Dec 2017

A very Merry Christmas to you all from the National Traction Engine Trust & Steam Apprentice Cub.


25 Dec 2017

The infamous National Traction Engine Trust Rally List for 2018 is currently being stitched together.

Distributed nationally to Tourist Information Centers, Museums and organisations, inclusion forms part of the Rally Authorisation Scheme and offers great promotion to events both large and small.

As well as the list being distributed in leaflet form, we also offer comprehensive exposure via our website and social media channels to those included.

We aim to get the list published in March for early distribution, so we urge any event considering inclusion to make contact as soon as possible.

In the first instance please contact Charlie Cribbes via

21 Dec 2017

Membership Services at the National Traction Engine Trust and Steam Apprentice Club is now closed until January 5th 2018.

If during the period between December 20th and January 5th any member has a query or needs help with anything concerning their membership to contact us on 020 8798 3814 where you will be forwarded to another member of the team who will try to assist you in your inquiry.

20 Dec 2017

The National Traction Engine Trust is delighted to announce that it is now an Affiliated Member of the Heritage Railway Association.



09 Dec 2017

The next Engine Owners, Drivers and Crew Meeting will be held at the Village Hall, Kilsby, near Rugby, Warwickshire. CV23 8XX on Sunday 14th January 2018.

Commencing at 1100 hours with coffee served from 1030hours.

A buffet lunch will be provided.

All engine owners, crew and other interested parties are invited to attend whether members of the Trust or not. An Agenda for the meeting will be published later on the NTET website.

For more information, or if you have a particular topic for discussion, please contact Bob Siddall, Tel 01636 821991 or

03 Dec 2017

The 2017 National Traction Engine Trust Annual General Meeting took place on Saturday 25 November and was considered a success by those that attended.

Out of respect for those members that didn’t get the opportunity to attend, we will not be reporting on the business side of things until after the next issue of Steaming has been published.

Other activities surrounding the AGM have been reported on via our Social Media channels, which we will republish here as we move forward.

30 Nov 2017

During the latter part of 2017 there have been a lot of changes to the Rally Organisers section of the National Traction Engine Trust. As a result of a complete overhaul of the section, some of the 2018 Authorisation Packs have been slightly delayed in being distributed, they are though currently being sent out to all those events that participated in 2017.

In addition, the Trust is contacting a number of non authorised events with a view to potentially become part of the scheme for 2018 and beyond.

We will be bringing you more information on the ongoing changes within this section and of course details on the Rally Organisers Conference in due course.

19 Nov 2017

Saturday morning there will be a visit to Underfall Yard ( Cumberland Road, Bristol BS1 6XG parking is very limited)

This will be for a maximum of 50 people on a first-come, first-served basis. There will be vintage transport from the hotel and return, to Underfall Yard, leaving the hotel just after 9am.

There will also be a visit to the Balmoral, which is next to Underfall Yard and SS Great Britain, so if you don't manage to get in one, you will the other.

If you don't manage to get to the morning visits, there will be tea and coffee served at the hotel from 1pm. If you have not renewed your membership, you will need to do this prior to the meeting to be eligible to vote.

The membership secretary will be on hand from 1pm until 1:45pm to take renewals.

Sunday morning, our friends at Westonzoyland Pumping Station ( Hoopers Lane, Westonzoyland, Nr Bridgwater, Somerset TA7 0LS) will be in steam and ready to welcome us at about 10.30am.

14 Nov 2017

It has been a work in progress for a good few months now, but the National Traction Engine Trust will soon be in a position to launch our new look website.

Alhough the current site has served us well, it is now rather long winded and difficult to use, not to mention not being 'moile friendly'. All functionality will improve with the new site and background systems improved making our visitor experience more in tune with the modern direction in which the Trust is positioning itself.

We have not limited ourselves to a launch date, but as ever we'll keep you posted with developments.

12 Nov 2017

Sunday October 1st, saw many engine owners and crew take their steam driven vehicles out an about for the second edition of Steam It Sunday.

Without a shadow of doubt the event was embraced by many far and wide and great fun was had by all as well as enjoyment for the public at large who got to see engines out and about in their local communities without the restrictions of rally officialdom.

Our thanks to everyone who took part in promoting one of the most important aspects of our hobby.

02 Oct 2017

The second edition of the National Traction Engine Trusts Steam It Sunday initiative takes place this coming weekend with the focus of activities taking part on Sunday October 1st.

The idea of the day is to encourage the use of Steam powered vehicles on the road, thus promoting our hobby on a national basis to a wide audience in many parts of the country.

The emphasis is of course on community, and getting out and about and showing off the engines to local folk who possibly only usually pass engines briefly during the course of any given weekend or Friday evening throughout the summer months.

Although the event is staged by the NTET, we are not laying down rules or telling people what to do or when to do it, just encouraging owners and crew to get out and celebrate all things Steam.

Have a great everyone!

27 Sep 2017

Unfortunately over recent weeks and months our membership services team have got a little behind with renewals, new sign ups and enquiries which has resulted in a frustrating wait for some.

We have had a good look at what went wrong and although the blame can't be laid at any one factor be it individuals or systems we are confident that we are on a return to the normal service expected of us. We are also looking at ways to prevent such a situation arising again. We obviously apologise to all those affected. If anyone has any further concerns, we'd welcome your feedback via

13 Sep 2017

As many people will know, behind the scenes there is a huge redevelopment of our website taking place. Unfortunately during the process it has become apparent that some of the processes and systems we have historically used are more add ons rather than specific tools for the job.

We are currently working through everything and appreciate that some delay and frustrations may be occurring to those using our online services and databases. We apologise for this and assure you that every step possible is being taken to improve our online services.

The most recent bug in the system to be dealt with was that of ‘Online Renewals’, which we believe should now work for everyone, first time everytime.
We’ll keep you posted on future improvments to the existing systems as and when those pesky bugs are ironed out.



05 Sep 2017

We are delighted to be able to report that our 2017 Presentation at the Great Dorset Steam Fair was deemed a big success, with possibly the biggest influx of renewals, new members and lapsed members deciding to sign up for another year, in recent times.

The sales side of things have reported great things with a steady supply of material being sold, and the refreshment side of things showing that it remains for many an important Dorset tradition.

Our thanks must go to everyone who made the event such a success, from those that set up and ran the various areas through to all those that let us display their exhibits in the Marquee.

Special thanks of course need to go to the Directors of the Great Dorset Steam Fair, for allowing us to continue to do what we do.
Plans are already underway for 2018.

31 Aug 2017

The National Traction Engine Trust encourages and supports road steam by offering financial assistance and bursaries (maximum £500) for those who would like to improve their knowledge and skills so they can help and take part in maintaining Steam on the Road.

These skills can include but are not limited to:

Boiler maintenance
Boiler management
Boiler inspection
Sign writing
Lathe and millwork
Hand metalwork skills
Pattern making

The list is not exhaustive and any application will be considered which shows that it informs and educates about road steam as described in the NTET mission statement:

Preserving our Heritage with Steam on the Road

Look in the heritage journals and prospectuses of colleges and schools for suitable courses. Approach people who already have a skill you are interested in to see if they would be willing to share their knowledge - then fill out the application form with all the details.

Click here for an application form


12 Jul 2017

"Traction Engines" by Anthony Coulls. Price: - £8.99 64 pages with 8 chapters of information with colour and black and white photographs. Available now from

04 Jul 2017

Over the past few years we like to think that our communication has improved a great deal.

We not only have direct points of contct set up via email to every section head, but we also are seen out and about a lot more at shows and events.

It's through the latter that we realise the importance of being able to speak to a human being at times rather than communicating via the internet.

With this in mind we have set up a number for you to now contact, which should put you in touch with us a lot easier.

The number is 020 8798 3814.

Please be aware that it isn't a free service, and if an email will suffice with your question, then that would be the prefered route however if deemed urgent then please do feel free to get in touch and you'll be forwarded to the correct person.



20 Jun 2017

The next edition of our Steaming Journal is nearing completion and we are once again looking forward to what editor Kevin Mills has in store.

‘Steaming’ was a point of discussion at the General Council Meeting on June 11th and we were delighted to be able to report to the Trustees that feedback from the membership on the new format has been very positive. There was an issue with a few copies being printed incorrectly but everyone who has made contact with us has had their copy replaced by the printers.

One other point of contention was the timing of the format change didn’t fit well with those that had purchased a binder. We accept the issue could have been avoided and is down to us entirely. Anyone having purchased a binder in the old style will have a new format binder offered in exchange.

All members need do is contact Kathy via

12 Jun 2017

It is with great sadness that we learn that our valued member and friend Michael Davies of Avon Dassett has recently lost his wife, Jennifer, after a long illness.

Michael has supported the Club and Trust for many many years and has hosted events and served on various committees.

Our thoughts are with Michael, his family and friends at this sad time.

11 Jun 2017