The National Traction Engine Trust

General Council and Officers of the NTET

Who Is Who At The National Traction Engine Trust & Steam Apprentice Club.

National Traction Engine Trust


Andrew Semple

Vice Presidents:

Charles Daniels, Dick Blenkinsop


Anthony Coulls (

Vice Chairman & Technical Services Unit:

David Smitth (

Vice Chairman & Engine Owners Section:

Bob Siddall (

General & Company Secretary:

Jo Hurley (


Julie Smith (

Rally Organisers & Authorisation Section:

Charlie Cribbes (

Communications & Commercial:

Matt Shipton (

Members of the General Council:

Bob Garnett, Kevin Munn, Tony Seddon, Joe Black, Paul Davis, Dan Brothwell, Nick Bosworth, Kevin Mills, Guy Debes, John Gilbert, Colin Hatch, Mark Waite, Bill Evans. Reg Mattless, Kathy Smith, Chris Arrowsmith, John Durling, David Hurley, David Wothers, Anthony Coulls, Andrew Semple, Bob Siddall, Matt Shipton, David Smith, Julie Smitth, Charles Cribbes. (Contact if not lsted elsewhere -

Membership Secretary:

Lisa Crankshaw (


Ian Copper (

Driver Training Weekend Officer:

Joe Black (

Spares Register:

Richard Semple (

Steaming Magazine:

Kev Mills - Editor (, Dan Brothwell - Deputy Editor (

Partner (Affliiated) Clubs & Museums:

Lisa Crankshaw & Joe Black (

Sales Officer:

Kathy Smith (



Elaine Massey (


David Hurley (

Vice Chairman:

Kevin Munn (

SAC Publicity:

Rebecca Hurley (

SAC Committee:

Rebecca Hurley, Nick Bosworth, Matthew Lund, Helen & Julian Tyrrell, Glen Prince, Clara Taylor, Adam Brown, Keith Allen

Raising Steam:

Kevin Munn - Editor ( Clara Taylor - Deputy Editor (

SAC Membership:

Lisa Crankshaw (



CH (Hal) Bagot, FRICS, JP
Engine owner and operator of a 'steam' museum within the family seat, Levens Hall in Cumbria.

Robert Goodwill, MP
Owner/driver of ploughing engines and supporter of the preservation movement.

The Hon Sir William McAlpine, Bt.
Owner of a large collection of vintage vehicles and Steam Engines.


The Rt Hon Lord Forsyth of Drumlean
A distinguished politician who served as Secretary of State for Scotland from 1995 to 1997. Since 1999 he has been a member of the House of Lords.



Charles Lovell & Co, Royal House, Market Place, Redditch, Worcestershire. BN98 8AA