The National Traction Engine Trust

Boiler Inspections

Annual Boiler Inspections

Annual Boiler Inspections are undertaken on 'in service' traction engines by Boiler Surveyors or Inspectors who are either employed by a corporate body or they work for themselves as an independent inspector.

If an owner chooses to use an Independent Boiler Inspector the NTET recommends that the owner requests the Boiler Inspector to use the NTET’s Written Scheme of Examination and Inspection Documents as shown in Part 4 of the Engine Owners Code of Practice. The inspector should also carry Professional Indemnity insurance.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

The Trust believes this type of insurance is essential to safeguard the engine owner should an inspector make an erroneous judgement which ultimately leads either to premature failure of a pressure system or requires work to be undertaken that later proves to be unnecessary. 

Without Professional Indemnity insurance cover the consequential costs of an erroneous decision would most likely have to be borne by the owner.

Since it is the responsibility of the engine owner to appoint a competent person to inspect the boiler in their care, then in turn it is in their own interest to ensure all necessary safeguards are in place to protect themselves.

Corporate Inspecting Bodies

Most corporate inspecting bodies are insurance underwriters in their own right and therefore are self-insurers. These include Royal Sun Alliance, Allianz, Haughton Engineering, Zurich, Bureau Veritas, SGS UK Ltd all of whom are involved with heritage steam.

NTET Insurance Disc Scheme

NTET Insurance Discs will only be issued against a boiler inspector’s report where the inspector has registered his current holding of PI Insurance with the Insurance Officer.