The National Traction Engine Trust

Pattern Register

This listing shows available patterns that are held by individuals, who will either lend/hire a pattern, or supply a casting from their pattern. No patterns are held by the Trust, nor does the Trust get involved in either party's contractual arrangements. By contacting with your membership number and the details of the pattern/s concerned, the contact information will be supplied for your use.

This list is not exhaustive; there are several large collections of patterns, many with commercial owners, which we would be pleased to include in the list. Please contact:


Ref Number Engine make Engine Type Description of Pattern Notes
AP001BH Aveling & Porter R10 Roller Slide Valve  
AP002BW Aveling & Porter R10 Roller Big End Bearing shells  
AP003BW Aveling & Porter R10 Roller Crankshaft Bearings  
AP004BW Aveling & Porter R10 Roller Firebars See Miscelleneous Section
AP005BW Aveling & Porter R10 Roller 2 Halves of Piston  
AP006BW Aveling & Porter Traction Lamp Bracket  
AP007DC Aveling & Porter 3HP DCC Slide Valve Cylinder Block  
AP008CD Aveling & Porter 8 Ton Piston Valve Cylinder Cover front  
AP009DH Aveling & Porter O/head Valve Cylinder Main Cyl block cover Suitable for royalty engine numbers between 3387 to 5467
AP010DH Aveling & Porter O/head Valve Cylinder Triangular steam access cover  
AP011DH Aveling & Porter O/head Valve Cylinder HP & LP valve chest covers  
AP012DH Aveling & Porter O/head Valve Cylinder HP & LP Cyl end covers  
AP013DH Aveling & Porter O/head Valve Cylinder Boiler mounted feed pump  
AP014DH Aveling & Porter O/head Valve Cylinder Large & Small valves for pump  
AP015CK Aveling & Porter F type piston valve R10 Eccentric Strap  
AP016IL Aveling & Porter AB Roller Main Gear Spider  
AP017PJ Aveling & Porter AD Compound Roller Big End Bearing shells  
AP017PJ Aveling & Porter AD Compound Roller Firebars  
AP017PJ Aveling & Porter AD Compound Roller Piston Rod Glands  
AP017PJ Aveling & Porter AD Compound Roller Slide Valve  
AP018DE Aveling & Porter E / F Type Safety Valve Spring Shrouds  
AP019DE Aveling & Porter E / F Type Pressure relief drain cocks  
AP020NW Aveling & Porter   Pump - round flange  
AP021DR Aveling & Porter   Check valve  
AP022JC Aveling & Porter Roller Forks  
B001MF Burrell   No. 180 Pump Clack  
B002MF Burrell   T409 Loose Cover HP Cyl  
B003MF Burrell   T410 Loose Cover LP Cyl  
B004MF Burrell   R2801 Cover for Steam Chest HP
B005MF Burrell   T953 Cyl water filler flange  
B006MF Burrell   CL13 Live Steam starting valve  
B007MF Burrell   D Gland for stop valve  
B008MF Burrell   M Gland for piston rod  
B009MF Burrell   E Gland for slide valve spindle  
B010MF Burrell   C2781 Gauge frame top bracket  
B011MF Burrell   Shiphams 5/8" gauge frame top & bottom
B012MF Burrell   Shiphams 1/2" bent nose valve waterlifter
B013LL Burrell Scenic R L Jib Crane end tube casting  
B014LL Burrell Scenic R L Cover plate for P3C Dynamo  
B015LL Burrell Scenic R L Governor Valve  
B016LL Burrell Scenic R L High Gear pinion Fork Shaft  
B017LL Burrell Scenic R L Flywheel Cap  
B018LL Burrell Scenic R L Blowdown Valve  
B019LL Burrell Scenic R L Spring Position Pointer  
B020LL Burrell Scenic R L Guard Rail Finials P3C P8C Dynamo
B021HS Burrell   Water hose bracket (3 fitted)  
B022HS Burrell 6 nhp Chimney Base  
B023JB Burrell   Blowdown cock  
B024DR Burrell   Crosshead guide  
B025DR Burrell   Spring Position Pointer  
B026DR Burrell   Steering worm  
B027DR Burrell   Blowdown cock  
B028RW Burrell Roller 10ton Firehole door  
B029HH Burrell 6 nhp TE Front wheel retainer  
B030HH Burrell 6 nhp TE Round front axle  
B031HH Burrell 6 nhp TE Front axle swivel yolk  
B032CD Burrell 6, 7, & 8 nhp TE Cast iron Chimney class C 4' 6" tall
CS001DS Clayton Single 6-7nhp R H Trunk Guide  
CS002DS Clayton Single 6-7nhp Cylinder drain cock  
CS003DS Clayton Single 6-7nhp Main Bearing Cap  
CS004DS Clayton Single 6-7nhp Main Bearings  
CS005DS Clayton Single 6-7nhp Big End Bearing  
CS006DS Clayton Single 6-7nhp 2nd Shaft Bearings  
CS007DS Clayton Single 6-7nhp Small 3rd Shaft Bearings  
CS008DS Clayton Single 6-7nhp Low Water Level Motif.  
CS009DS Clayton Single 6-7nhp Tender Water Pocket  
CS010PJ Clayton RL & TE 1912 onwards Firehole Door  
CS011PJ Clayton RL & TE 1912 onwards Axle Pivot Pin Cap (smokebox)  
CS012DS Clayton   Pump body,galleries,clack box  
FN001JC Foden 5ton wagon Main bearings  
FN002JC Foden 5ton wagon Regulator valve  
FN003HN Foden   Rear axle box top & bottom near side
FN004HN Foden   Small end bearings  
FN005HN Foden   Crosshead  
FN006HN Foden   Perch bracket  
FN007TS Foden Compound TE Perch bracket  
FN008HS Foden 6ton wagon Firehole door + baffle left hand operated
FN009HS Foden 6ton wagon Chimney base & ring  
FN010HS Foden   Bearings- rear axle  
FN011HS Foden   Bearing housing+ cap rear axle  
FN012HS Foden   Gear shift fork  
FN013HS Foden   Cylinder covers HP LP  
FN014HS Foden   Steering nut  
F001BH Fowler B5 Big ends  
F002BH Fowler Various Screwed drain cock bodies  
F003BH Fowler Various 180deg. Flanged steam valves  
F004BH Fowler Road Loco Steersman Footstep-Gearcase  
F005BH Fowler AA6 AA7 Big Ends  
F006BH Fowler AA6 AA7 Boiler Crown Valve Body-3 flange
F007BH Fowler BB - BB1 Chimney base ring  
F008BH Fowler BB - BB1 Rear axle bearing cap  
F009BH Fowler BB - BB1 Gear change selector ring  
F010BH Fowler BB - BB1 3rd Shaft bearings  
F011BH Fowler AA6 AA7 Z7 DN rllr Firebars  
F012AH Fowler Magdeburg Ploughing E Lower smokebox door plate  
F013GT Fowler   Water lifter (clip on hose)  
F014GT Fowler   Waterlift Hose strainer 06784  
F015GT Fowler   Lubricator bend 05983  
F016GT Fowler Roller D2 Headstock Swivel block 06797  
F017GT Fowler Firebars Standard + end 35" long  
F018HS Fowler Class D Exhaust Pipe  
F019HS Fowler Class D Compensating Gear pinion + bush
F020HS Fowler   Tender Step  
F021HS Fowler   Large end Flanged oil cup & lid  
F022JS Fowler   Gear patterns of various types  
F023RC Fowler   Standard firehole door  
F024RC Fowler   Waterlifter screw on type  
F025RC Fowler   Cylinder drain cock  
F026RC Fowler   Flanged oil cups  
F027RC Fowler   Screwed oil cups  
F028JB Fowler   Blowdown cock  
F029JB Fowler   Waterlevel test cocks  
F030JB Fowler B5 other 'unspecified patterns'  
F031GD Fowler   Check valves  
F032GD Fowler   Toolbox  
F033GD Fowler Class D Chimney Base  
F034GD Fowler T3 Piston - HP  
F035GD Fowler DH Slide valve  
F036GD Fowler   Water level plate  
F037GD Fowler   Starting Cock  
F038GD Fowler   Tank Service cock  
F039GD Fowler   Cylinder Drain cock  
F040GD Fowler   Conical seat washers-check valve
F041GD Fowler   Taper washout plugs  
F042GD Fowler BB1 Upright shaft bushes  
F043GD Fowler BB1 Exhaust Pipe  
F044GD Fowler BB1 Front wheel bushes  
F045GD Fowler BB1 3rd Shaft bearings  
F046GD Fowler K7 3rd Shaft bearings  
F047IB Fowler R3 Chimney Base  
F048GT Fowler B4 B5 B6 Chimney base - hinged type 31 1/2 inch diameter
F049GT Fowler B4 B5 B6 Chimney bottom ring - hinged t  
F050TE Fowler DNA roller Balance weight + corebox  
The following Fowler patterns relate to B6 Superlion 'ONWARD'    
F100 Fowler B6 2nd shaft 3rd speed pinion  
F101 Fowler B6 2nd shaft bearing cap LH & RH  
F102JC Fowler B6 2nd shaft bearings  
F103 Fowler B6 2nd shaft cap spacers  
F104 Fowler B6 2nd shaft slow speed pinion  
F105JC Fowler B6 3rd Shaft bearings  
F106 Fowler B6 3rd Shaft driving plates inner & centre
F107 Fowler B6 Balance weights  
F108JC Fowler B6 Big end Bearings  
F109 Fowler B6 Brake main lever arm  
F110 Fowler B6 Brake shoe arms  
F111 Fowler B6 Brake top bracket  
F112GD Fowler B6 Brakewheel  
F113GD Fowler B6 Chimney Base  
F114GD Fowler B6 Chimney bottom ring  
F115AD Fowler B6 Clack boxes  
F116 Fowler B6 Clutch gear bearing  
F117JC Fowler B6 Crane tower pulley  
F118JC Fowler B6 Crane tower top brkt  
F119 Fowler B6 Crank bearing caps LH & RH
F120JC Fowler B6 Crank bearings  
F121 Fowler B6 Crank cap spacers  
F122 Fowler B6 Crank/2nd shaft housings LH& RH
F123 Fowler B6 Crankshaft pinions slow, fast, & 3rd
F124 Fowler B6 Cylinder drain cocks  
F125 Fowler B6 Cylinder front covers  
F126AD Fowler B6 Displacement lubricator  
F127GD Fowler B6 Firehole door & Hinge  
F128 Fowler B6 Flywheel  
F129 Fowler B6 Flywheel cap  
F130 Fowler B6 Front axle  
F131 Fowler B6 Front axle pivot  
F132 Fowler B6 Front hubcaps  
F133 Fowler B6 Front spring shackle  
F134 Fowler B6 Front wheel bushes  
F135 Fowler B6 Front wheel hubs  
F136 Fowler B6 Gear change bracket LH & RH
F137 Fowler B6 Gearchange brackets  
F138GD Fowler B6 J Fowler small name ring  
F139 Fowler B6 Lower guide bars  
F140 Fowler B6 Main brake arm  
F141 Fowler B6 Oil box lids  
F142JC Fowler B6 Pump  
F143JC Fowler B6 Pump eccentric strap  
F144 Fowler B6 Pump eccentric/gear/pinion  
F145 Fowler B6 Pump gland  
F146 Fowler B6 Pushing bracket insert  
F147JC Fowler B6 Rear axle bearings  
F148 Fowler B6 Draw bar insert  
F149 Fowler B6 Hubcaps - rear  
F150 Fowler B6 Regulator bracket  
F151 Fowler B6 Safety valve plate  
F152JC Fowler B6 Small end bearings  
F153 Fowler B6 Smokebox door baffle spacer  
F154 Fowler B6 Spring gear hornblocks  
F155JC Fowler B6 Spring gear inner legs  
F156 Fowler B6 Steering bracket LH  
F157 Fowler B6 Steering chain barrel  
F158GD Fowler B6 Steering wheel  
F159 Fowler B6 Tender Brake tube  
F160JC Fowler B6 Tender pulley  
F161JC Fowler B6 Tender pulley brkt  
F162 Fowler B6 Tender steps  
F163JC Fowler B6 Valve eccentric straps  
F164JC Fowler B6 Valve guide bushes  
F165 Fowler B6 Weighshaft Brkt






6-7-8 nhp                                  Feed Pump Clack Delivery Elbow




G001AH Garrett 4CD Pump suction & delivery valve manifold
G002AH Garrett 4CD Brake handle support bracket  
G003AH Garrett 4CD N/side Clack valve body  
G004AH Garrett 4CD Flywheel brke shoe support brkt TR126
G005AH Garrett 4CD Flywheel brke shaft support brkt CR6
G006AH Garrett 4CD Big end bearings  
G007AH Garrett 4CD small end bushes  
G008 AH Garrett 4CD Steam turret manifold-gauge glass TR90
G009AH Garrett 4CD Spacer & dart holder-smokebox door
G010AH Garrett 4CD Dart bar bracket-smokebox  
G011AH Garrett 4CD Bush- Pump drive reduction shaft
G012AH Garrett 4CD Bush- Diff loose bevel  
G013AH Garrett 4CD Bush- Diff planet carrier  
G014AH Garrett 4CD Chimney base ring  
G015AH Garrett   unidentified pattern SL168  
G016AH Garrett   unidentified spherical taper cock 2 bolt flange
G017TW Garrett TE 6,7 &8 nhp Slide valve  
M001DD Marshall TE 7nhp Blast pipe no. 16894  
M002DD Marshall TE 7nhp Governor spring guard  
M003DD Marshall TE 7nhp Governor slide  
M004DD Marshall TE 7nhp Governor valve  
M005DD Marshall TE 7nhp Crankshaft Bearings  
M006DD Marshall TE 7nhp Chimney bottom flange  
M007DD Marshall TE 7nhp Big End bearing  
M008DR Marshall   Check valve  
M009BH Marshall   Blowdown Valve body  
M010BH Marshall   Compound big end bearings  
M011BH Marshall   Compound 90deg drain cock  
M012BH Marshall   Crosshead slipper  
M013JC Marshall Portable Flywheel  
RN001NW Ransomes 6nhp Port Pump - circular flange  
RN002VW Ransomes 7 nhp TE Perch bracket No.7 NT 199
RY001BS Robey 8ton tractor type roller Rear axle bearings  
RY002BS Robey 8ton tractor type roller Big end bearings  
R001DP Ruston Proctor TE 7nhp Hub Caps - front & rear  
R002DP Ruston Proctor TE 7nhp Piston Ring  
R003DP Ruston Proctor TE 7nhp Water lifter elbow  
R004DP Ruston Proctor TE 7nhp Water pump outlet elbow core box only
R005DP Ruston Proctor TE 7nhp Tender step  
R006DP Ruston Proctor TE 7nhp Oil Can tray  
R007DP Ruston Proctor TE 7nhp Bush - 2nd shaft  
R008DP Ruston Proctor TE 7nhp Steam valve & gland top injector & water lifter
R009DP Ruston Proctor TE 7nhp Oiler lid & flap for 2 1/2" fitting
R010DP Ruston Proctor TE 7nhp Bush 3rd shaft - small end  
R011DP Ruston Proctor TE 7nhp Cross head slipper  
R012DP Ruston Proctor TE 7nhp Whistle Elbow  
R013DP Ruston Proctor TE 7nhp Wheel oiler tube cap  
R014DP Ruston Proctor TE 7nhp Blow down valve - 3 parts  
R015DP Ruston Proctor TE 7nhp Piston rod gland  
R016DP Ruston Proctor TE 7nhp Valve rod gland  
R017DP Ruston Proctor TE 7nhp Injector stop & clack valve body
R018DP Ruston Proctor TE 7nhp Water pump delivery pipe tee piece
R019DP Ruston Proctor TE 7nhp Winch drum + core box  
R020DP Ruston Proctor TE 7nhp Bush - Bull Wheel 7 3/8" x 9 5/8" x 6 1/2" lg
R021MT Ruston Proctor TE 7nhp SH Crankshaft bearings  
R022MT Ruston Proctor TE 7nhp SH Countershaft bearings  
Miscelleneous Section   length, width, & type  
FB001BW Firebar   34 1/2" x 2 3/4" double  
FB002BW Firebar   33 3/4" x 2 5/8" double  
FB003BW Firebar   28 7/8" x 2 1/4" double  
FB004BW Firebar   29 1/2" x 2 1/4" double  
FB005BW Firebar   29 1/4" x 2 1/4" double  
FB006BW Firebar   29 1/2" x 1 3/4" double side  
FB007BW Firebar   29 3/4" x 2" double side bar  
FB008BW Firebar   30 3/4" x 1 3/4" Single  
FB009BW Firebar   23 1/4" x 2" single