The National Traction Engine Trust

Risk Assessments

An increasing number of event organisers are asking exhibitors, including owners of steam powered vehicles or equipment, to furnish 'Risk Assessments' in support of their attendance at the event.  The Technical Services Unit has prepared a family of pro-forma Risk Assessment Forms designed to represent the most common types of steam powered traction engines, showman's engines, road rollers and stationary engines.

The National Traction Engine Trust provides these Generic Risk Assessments without warranty; implied or expressed. The user may use the forms freely and modify them at will but no responsibility can be accepted by the NTET for these or any resultant ‘risk assessments’ which may be subsequently submitted for scrutiny to a Third Party.  For further advice email the Technical Services Unit.

The Risk Assessment forms are available in pdf format and may be downloaded, printed or saved for amendment by the user by clicking on the appropriate type listed here: