The National Traction Engine Trust

Voluntary Competency Scheme

A Voluntary 'Traction Engine Driver Competency Scheme' is operated by the NTET in which successful participants are awarded a 'Certificate of Competency'. Whilst this certificate has no bearing in law it does reflect the driver's/operator's commitment to safety demonstrated through an ability to manage and control an engine in a highly skilled manner. Participants may choose either of two principal options to gain a 'Certificate of Competency'.

Option 1 - Examination Route

This option examines the skills of individual drivers/operators of portable and road going steam powered vehicles against a benchmark score. A 'Certificate of Competency' is awarded to those drivers/operators scoring above the benchmark.
Where a driver/operator attains points above a second, higher, threshold and these are combined with good communicating skills and an eye for detail then the individual could be invited to take the assessors' examination.

For more details on the Examination Route take a look the 'Competency Examination Syllabus' in PDF form linked below:


Option 2 - Experience Based Route

This route is open to drivers/operators who can demonstrate more than 750hrs experience in raising steam and managing and driving an engine under widely varying conditions and who do not wish to be subjected to an examination.  Two sponsors are required to vouch-safe the application and 3 officials of events attended by more than 1,000 members of the public are required to provide a clean safety record.

To view the downloadable leaflet in pdf form at containing more information and an application form click the link below:

For more details of either route view the 'Competency Scheme Outline' or to request hard copies of the information send a message to the Administrator,