The SAC is the junior section of the National Traction Engine Trust -
The Future Driving The Past

Chairman - Elaine Massey

Elaine has recently taken over as chairman of the club, after being vice-chair for mainy years.
The Massey family own 1911 Garrett superheated traction engine, 'Olive'.

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Editor - Kevin Munn

Kevin was Chairman of the SAC from 2005 to 2011
Kevin owns an Aveling & Porter E type, 10 ton roller 'Kate'.

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Webmaster - Nick Bosworth

Nick has been webmaster of the SAC website since late 2007.
Nick's family run Foster 7nhp Traction Engine 'Sprig'.

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SAC Co-ordinator - Matt Lund

Matt, also a former Apprentice rep, has been on the SAC committee for several
years. Matt has built several miniature steam engines, and helps run Mclaren Traction Engine 'The Masterpiece'

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