The SAC is the junior section of the National Traction Engine Trust -
The Future Driving The Past

President - Elaine Massey

Elaine has been involved with the SAC since 1996, recently becoming club president. Elaine spearheaded the idea of our members building their own miniature, a project which created Lady Sylvia. The Massey family are owner's of Garrett traction engine 'OLIVE'.

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Chairman - David Hurley

I have been involved with steam for just over forty years and it would be fair to say it's a life long obsession. I joined the Steam Apprentice Club in 1979 and was given the membership number of 125. Along with my family, we have gone on to own two full size engines, a Marshall roller and a portable. I also have a part built 4" Foster in the workshop as a long term project just to keep me busy.

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Vice Chair & Editor - Kevin Munn

Used to work with aeroplanes before becoming hooked on steam engines. Has been a school governor and is interested in children's education. Has his own steam roller, an Aveling & Porter E type of 1926.

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Publicity & Social Media - Rebecca Hurley

I have been involved with road steam for as long as I can remember, I am told my first time on a rollers footplate I was only 2 weeks old! Since then I have grown up surrounded by engines and their crews. My family now own that roller and we travel mostly around the midlands, joining rallies, road runs and other events each year. Although our engine is currently undergoing major repairs, in the form of a new firebox. I have a few jobs in the SAC, managing social media, setting up and organising events such as the NEC & Great Dorset Steam Fair.

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Driving Days Coordinator - Linda Allen

Works in a school and has a family who belong to the SAC She has been administering the SAC Driving days for several years.

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Website & Magazine Artwork - Nick Bosworth

I have been involved with the SAC for over 10 years, and have been a NTET General Council member for 5. My family has two engines, Foster TE 14410 'SPRIG' and Garrett 4CD 'Queen Mary", both of which I have helped to restore.

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Committee Member - Julian Tyrrell

An electronics engineer by profession but with mechanical engineering as a hobby. I have a 4 " Burrell Agricultural engine, a Plastows based miniature design dating from 1980, that has been used by the SAC apprentices for many years at both GDSF and the SAC driving days. Currently building a 4" Burrell Road Loco to have a larger engine to play with. To this day he is not quite sure how he became involved with the SAC, but suspects Elaine may be behind this.

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Committee Member - Glen Prince

Glen progressed from a 4" Foster miniature to owning his own steam roller, which he is currently restoring. Glen already enrolled his young daughter who is only just toddling. Start them young!

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Committee Member - Helen Tyrrell

Helen is a teacher in a senior school with an interest in children's education. Her 3 sons have been members of the

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Assistant Editor - Clara Taylor

Northern Representative / General Mischief Maker / Chief Tea Drinker I discovered steam engines after visiting a small classic car rally and meeting a friendly crew on a 12 ton Avelling & Porter roller. I soon became their apprentice learning from the crew, and by going on driver training weekend with the NTET how to safely (and enjoyably) operate this magnificent machine. I own several Mamods: but there aren't any full size engines in my family so I am very lucky that engine owners let me get involved with their engines. It's not just a fun hobby though: the working knowledge of steam engines once got me a job designing boilers for oil refineries!

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Committee Member - Adam Brown

Our most recent addition to the Committee. Located in East Anglia, Vice chair of East Anglian traction Engine society (EATES) Owns a 6 inch Foden wagon.

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Committee Member - Matt Lund

I have been involved with the committee since 2003. I got interested in road steam when I was 13. My dad bought me a copy of Old Glory with an article on miniature traction engines. Showing an interest in building my own miniature dad bought me a lathe for Christmas and plans for a 4" scale Ruston and Proctor. This was the first of many miniature engines I have built, the current one being a 4" scale Mclaren road loco. Having a hobby in engineering helped me get an apprenticeship working on aircraft gas turbine engines and I now work on military and civil helicopters. Being a SAC member gave me a chance to crew on full size engines starting with crewing on a Sentinel timber tractor, and a Mclaren 8HP agricultural which I have been with for 14 years.

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Commitee Member - Keith Allen

Keith has been on the committe for several years. He can be found helping with Lady Sylvia. He also assists Linda administering the Driving days.

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