The SAC is the junior section of the National Traction Engine Trust -
The Future driving the past

The Steam Apprentice Club

The Steam Apprentice Club is an organisation for young people interested in road steam engines. The club was founded in 1979 by the National Traction Engine Club and now represents the young person's branch of the National Traction Engine Trust.

The organisation is dedicated to encouraging and supporting young people interest in steam, whether they wish to learn more about the technical side and maintaince of steam engines or wish to visit steam rallies, take photos and record engines.

In recent years the SAC took on the project of building our own minature steam engine. The 4" scale Burrell traction engine was built by various enthusiastic apprentices and helpers. The project took two years to complete from 2012 to 2014. In September 2014 the finished engine was taken to the Bedford Steam and Country Show, we welcomed apprentices, parents, sponsors and various other guests to witness the debut of 'Lady Sylvia', named after one of the founding members of the SAC. On that afternoon, the she was steamed up and apprentices took turns to drive the newly built Burrell.

To become a member and get involved with the SAC, you can fill in a memership form or join online.

As a member you will recieve a quarterly magazine 'Raising Steam', the opportunity to take part in activity days, driving days and othe SAC events and gain free entry into some NTET authorised rallies.*

*Free entry into some NTET authorised rallies when accompanied by a full paying adult. SAC members must be able to show their membership cards upon arrival.

Online Membership and Renewals

You can now join the Steam Apprentice Club online, and renew your membership too!

Go to

(the link will take you to a page on the National Traction Engine Trust website)

The Build A Burrell Project

The Steam Apprentice Club's 4 inch scale burrell - "Lady Sylvia" was built by our members.

See our "Build A Burrell" page for more details!


The Steam Apprentice Club is now on Facebook! Visit our new Facebook page and 'like' us to receive updates about the SAC! Click HERE to go to facebook and see our page

About the SAC

The Club was formed in 1979 by the National Traction Engine Club for young people under the age of 21 who are interested in Steam Engines. Today its the young person's branch of the National Traction Engine Trust.
Many people watch engines at steam rallies, but few of them know how an engine works, and even fewer have the chance to have a go.

Why join the SAC?

  • The Club has a quarterly magazine, 'Raising Steam'.
  • Many Steam rallies offer free entry to club members
  • Take advantage of Driving Days and the NTET driving course.
  • Special Discounted Offers
  • Log book scheme to keep a record of your experience on traction engines

SAC Mission statement and objectives

"To foster the interest of all people under 21 in
Steam Traction in its many guises"

This means not only encouraging youngsters to work on and understand traction engines, steam rollers, wagons etc., but also to take an interest in their history, design and manufacture, stories of their use, photography and/or drawing engines, modelling, etc, In fact the whole hobby in its widest sense.

Our Objectives...
  • Encourage youngsters to join the S.A.C. and learn in a safe environment the requirements and the workings of
    Road Steam Engines.
  • Encourage apprentices not only to be competent around an engine, but when old enough, to pass the
    competency test.
  • Arrange steam apprentice days with rally organisers and groups of willing individuals.
  • Raise technical knowledge by arranging talks and practicals with 'craftsmen'.
  • To introduce families to engine owners with a view to long term experience.


The SAC committee have been discussing the possibility of bringing Raising Steam into the 21st century by sending you and electronic copy vie e-mail instead of in the post!

Right now it's just an idea, but we've set up a vote to see how you, our members, feel.

Please click HERE and give us your vote.