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Here is a collection of books we have on offer - scroll down to see the full listing:

The Hunt Collection - J & H McLaren Ltd Company Photographs

155 pages of black & white photographs featuring many examples of machines and implements produced by J & H McLaren, Leeds and sold throughout the world.


Steam Plough Club 50th Anniversary Souvenir Programme

83 pages with black & white pictures of ploughing engines, miniatures, implements, living vans and water carts with an extensive description on each of them.  Also, the history of Steam Plough Club from the day when it was formed on the 3rd December 1966.


Pop come to Seward’s Yard

210 x 210mm with 24 pages of colourful, full page hand drawn illustrations, plus a simplified diagram showing the basics of how a steam traction engine works with an easy to understand description.  It had been quite some time since poor old Pop was last in steam and helping Mr Andrews on his farm.  When Pop was found by Victoria and Mr Seward, they said they would help him but that was weeks ago.


Victoria’s Busy Day

210 x 210mm with 24 pages of colourful, full page hand drawn illustrations, plus a simplified diagram showing the basics of how a steam traction engine works with an easy to understand description.  This book is about Victoria, the steam traction engine and her friends.  Victoria likes nothing more than a spending a busy day working with her owner, Mr Seward and friend Albert, bringing the sacks of corn in from the fields.


Ploughing Engines At Work

A4 Landscape format with soft cover, 76 pages.


Traction Engine Register - 12th Edition

Details listings of all UK Engines.


Fred Dibnah Vol II

122 pages of colour and black & white photographs.


Fred Dibnah Remembered - The Life & Times of a Great Briton

122 pages of mainly colour and black & white photographs and includes a DVD showing a collection of Fred Dibnah highlights.


Flying Scotsman - A legend Reborn

130 pages with 39 chapters of mainly colour and also Black and white photographs.


British Steam Fire Engines

128 pages A5. Fascinating story of the development of early British steam fire engines and covers the history of the early inventions that coupled steam with fire pumps.  Includes the concepts created by firms such as Braithwaite & Ericsson and their steam fire pump and also further inventions by Merryweather & Sons and Shand, Mason & Co including hand drawn and horse drawn fire engines.


The Last Years of Steam Ploughing

A compilation of photographs from the Steam Plough Club archives, mainly black and white photographs, a few colour photographs, 93 pages.


The Steam Scene - Vol 6

Newly published, the final book in the famous ‘The Steam Scene’ series of large photograph format books by Dick Blenkinsop.


The WESES Collection - Volume One - A West Country Collection

95 pages of Black and White photographs.


Steam Locomotive Design and Maintenance for Road and Rail

Spiral Bound, 121 pages, 17 chapters with pictures and diagrams


European Traction Engine Register - 4th Edition

Spiral Bound, 107 pages, almost 2900 entries and some 570 museums.


Traction Engine Museum Guide

By Barrie C Woods, 128 pages, A5 portrait, lists nearly 600 engines at 164 museums, with 31 “new” engines found and 21 new locations added.


Leeds In Steam

By Derek Rayner, Kris Ward, and Andrew Johnson, 32 pages, A5 portrait, focuses on the city of Leeds, its locomotive builders and history of steam engineering.


Threshing Machines

This book is very will illustrated with drawings, photos, most in colour and numerous diagrams. Hardbound with 250 pages.


TRACTION ENGINES AT WORK in Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely

The book is a collection of photographs of all the different types of traction engine that were used across the two counties and each photograph is accompanied with information about the engine, the contractors who operated them and the men who drove them
A4 hardback, landscape, 160 pages with 154 large format photographs.


60th Anniversary Road Run - Half Price, Now Only £2.50

If you missed this comprehensive guide to the 60th Anniversary Road Run then it is not too late to obtain a copy. The 84 page programme is packed with modern photographs, photographs from commercial days and full histories of the engines which took part in the Road Run around the lanes of Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire.


60 Years of the National Traction Engine Trust

This excellent 80 page publication tells the story of the past 60 years of the National Traction Engine Club and the National Traction Engine Trust. It starts with the famous race at Appleford in 1950 and moves on to the foundation of the NTEC in July 1954 which includes a complete list of the first members.. As many members will be aware the club almost ceased to exist in 1958 when it ran into serious financial difficulties but was saved bythe donation of a traction engine which was then raffled at 5 shillings a ticket.
The booklet has been sent out to all members and there are limited stocks still available..
It can be purchased but is FREE TO ALL NEW MEMBERS.


Portable Engines

Covers the history, construction, and manufacturers of portables engines.


Memories of Steam Rallying

144 pages.  This book is about Jack Hampshire’s life with road steam, covering his involvement with preservation from the mid 1950’s, and the rallies of the 1960’s and 1970’s.


The History of Thomas Green & Sons Ltd

Interesting comprehensive history of a company that successfully made the transition from steam to diesel rollers.152 pages, hardback


The Traction Engine Archive - Volume 3


The Traction Engine Archive

160 pp of archive photographs.


Engine & Implement List

Details 450 ploughing engines and 400 ploughing implements.
A5 Landscape, 100pp


All the Way from Engine Lane

Price includes £2.00 part postage and packing.


Allens of Oxford

by Jonathan Brown.Published in May 2012 by the RLS.
The history of the company from its formation in 1868 to closure in 1985.
A4 hardback, portrait format, 177 pages liberally illustrated.
Price includes £2.00 towards the cost of P&P


Great Dorset Steam Fair

by Paul Stratford. Images shot over a period of years from 1989 to present day.


Threshing Days

by William R Anderson. A snapshot of rural life in the ‘50’s and ‘60’s.


Preserved Steam Powered Machines

by John Hannavy. A gazetteer of where ‘Steam Machines’ can be seen.


Herberts of Dorchester

by Kay Townsend. The story of a showland family and their transport both horse and steam.


50 Glorious Years

Published late August 2012 by the County of Salop Steam Engine Society as a photographic appreciation of 50 years of their rallies.
A fair proportion of the images at the eary 1960’s rallies at Church Stretton are in black and white, while those at Bishops Castle ,Walcot Park and Onslow Park are in colour.
Landscape Format, hardback, Appox 10” X 6.9”, 192 pages, well captioned photographs.



Fairgrounds at War

by Kay Townsend - The Life of the Showmen, what they suffered


Traction Engine Register - 11th Edition

by Brian Johnson - Detailed listing of all UK Engines - NEW April 2012


Driving & Operating Traction Engines

by Mike Dyson - Detailed Analysis of the Techniques involved.


The Portable Steam Engine

by W D Wansborough - Construction & Management with 118 Illustrations.


the Nostalgia Collection - No.29 Fowlers of Leeds

by Malcolm Ranieri


Townsends - a Family Story

by Kay Townsend. A Showman’s Story, including the Transport used


The Invicta Works

by Michael Lane - A History of Aveling & Porter of Rochester.


the Nostalgia Collection - No.27 Burrells of Thetford

by Malcolm Ranieri


Steam Wagon Manual

Covers Maintenance - Overhaul - Garage & Running Repairs


the Nostalgia Collection - No.30 Garretts of Leiston

by Malcolm Ranieri


A Life With Steam

The Joe Challis Life Story - Working with Ploughing Engines.


The Traction Engine Archive - Volume 2

by Richard Willcox for the RLS.


Sentinel Works Photos No. 2

by Anthony R Thomas - covers the DG, “S”, Diesel & Rail.§


the Nostalgia Collection - No.28 Aveling & Porter of Rochester

by Malcolm Ranieri


Steam at Southbrook

The first 50years of The Southbrook Traction Engine Club in New Zealand.


Here is a collection of DVD's we have on offer - scroll down to see the full listing:

Steam Ploughing : An Introduction to Two Engine Cable Cultivation

This 100 minute DVD has been produced for the Steam Plough Club to provide by description and demonstration exactly what is involved in operating a two engine cable cultivation system correctly. It gives information on all aspects of preparing the engines and equipment, setting those up for work and then operating efficiently and safely with engines, cable and implements. This is designed as an ‘informative’ form of DVD rather than a documentary ‘entertainment’ type programme.


Steam on the Road

The 1996 NTET Road Run from the Hollowell rally site.


Going for Gold

This shows the Golden Jubilee events at London’s Tower Bridge, the Great Dorset Steam Fair and the Hollowell Road Run with over a hundred vehicles on this well know circuit.


Len’s Legacy

A follow up to the Len Crane - A Black Country Steam Engineer DVD. This DVD follows his engines and those that crew them to events big and small.


Len Crane - A Black Country Steam Engineer

The story of Road Steam Restoration and Preservation.


An Introduction to Boiler Maintenance & Inspection

The video describes and shows the processes used in the reconstruction of a traction engine boiler including the forming of a firebox back plate, rivetting, etc


SPC Great Challenge 2013 “Steam in the Furrow”

The Steam Plough Club Great Challenge 2013. Hill Farm Avon Dassett, September 2013. 100 minutes running time.


Burrells of Thetford

Often referred to as the Rolls Royce of Steam Engines. 110 minutes.


Up Hill & Down Dale

The 1995 Steam Car Club Touring Rally.88 minutes.


Aveling & Porter of Rochester

Famous for the large number of Road Rollers.Manufactured. 60 minutes.


The Stanley Steamer

An Introduction to Steam Cars. 78 minutes.


Fowlers of Leeds - Pt 1

The “Glory” Years, Traction Engines & Railway Locos.115 minutes.


CD - Garrett Threshers & Other Machines

Contents - The Beginnings thro to the Appendices.


Fodens of Sandbach

Part 1 - Covers The Steam Era. 70 minutes.


Dedicated to Garretts

Extensive coverage of the “Long Shop Museum” at Leiston. 85 minutes.


CD - Garrett Portable & Fixed Engines

Contents - The Introduction of Portables


The Steam Haulage Tractor

Popular with Local Councils, Removal Companies and the Timber Industry. 60 minutes.


Here is the clothing we have on offer - scroll down to see more:

NTET Cap - French Navy


Children T-Shirt - Red

100% Cotton


Children T-Shirt - Light Grey

100% Cotton


Children T-Shirt - Royal Blue

100% Cotton


Steam Apprentice T-Shirt, Adult - Navy

100% Cotton


Steam Apprentice T-Shirt, Children - Navy

100% Cotton.


Here is a collection of DVD's we have on offer - scroll down to see the full listing:

Steam It Sunday Plates

Steam It Sunday Plates for fitting to your engine.


NTET Tie - Green

Tie featuring NTET motif and traction engine silhouettes in Bottle Green.


NTET Tie - Sky Blue

Tie featuring NTET motif and traction engine silhouettes in Sky Blue.


NTET Tie - Maroon

Tie featuring NTET motif and traction engine silhouettes in Maroon.


NTET Tie - Navy

Featuring NTET motif and traction engine silhouettes in Navy.